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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

My you’ve changed: Thin former X Factor star Craig Colton sheds the pounds and reveals he now likes WOMEN

By Kimberley Dadds

He rose to fame on The X Factor last year sporting a rather portly frame.

But singer Craig Colton has now re-emerged looking almost unrecognisable as he shows off a much slender physique following months of hitting the gym.

The 24-year-old has posed for a new magazine shoot to reveal his new honed body.

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Slender star: X Factor's Craig Colton shows off his smaller frame after overhauling his diet and hitting the gym several times a week since appearing on the show last year

But that's not the only major transformation he's gone through in the last year - as he also revealed during the NOW magazine interview that he is now also attracted to women.

The star, who previously 'came out' as gay during his time as a contestant on the show, has opened up to the publication about his love life.

As he was: Colton showed off a more portly frame during his first audition last year, but started to shed some weight as the show went on, pictured right 12 months ago

Colton can be seen posing in the spread wearing a shirt opened almost to his naval as he flaunts his new found slimmer body.

Matching it with some black trousers and a neater hair do to the floppy locks he originally had on his first audition, Craig smoulders clearly showing his confidence.

He told NOW magazine: 'I've got so much more confidence now. I've lost almost 4st and I'm doing it slowly.

'I don't want to lose a stone a week or anything like that. I'm still enjoying myself - hashtag cocktails!'

Craig also revealed he's completely overhauled his diet to live a healthier lifestyle, while working out at the gym 'three or four times a week'.

But he opened up further in the candid chat when he started to discuss his private life.

After first arriving in the public eye Craig's relationship with another X Factor alumni, Danyl Johnson, made the news following his admission that he is homosexual.

But Craig has admitted that he now won't rule out starting up something with a woman because he recently started to become attracted to females.

He added: 'I was always open about my sexuality on the show, but I'd never rule out a relationship with a woman.

'I was recently attracted to a women who was just like me in a woman's body. We're just friends, but there's something special about her.'

Aside from being busy in the gym, Craig has also been busy writing his new music material - and has been turning to Robbie Williams for advice.

He joked: 'I wrote a song called Beautiful Surprise on the toilet. It was about 4am and I rang Robbie immediately. Yes, I did get of the toilet at that point! He said: "send it to me right now".'

VIDEO: Craig shines at his audition...



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