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Friday, September 30, 2011

Simon Cowell gets threats from a 14-year-old and plays matchmaker with Paula Abdul during action-packed X Factor


Are you threatening me? Simon Cowell was left shocked after he was given a stern warning from pint-sized rapper Brain Bradley during the East coast auditions of the X Factor last night

He's surely received threats before throughout his long-spanning career as a notoriously sharp-tongued reality TV judge and producer.

But possibly not from the mouth of a 14-year-old teenager.

Last night Simon Cowell was left shocked after he was given a stern warning from pint-sized rapper Brain Bradley during the East Coast auditions of the U.S. X Factor.

Rap: But as the teenager busted into a rap it was clear to see that his threatening tone was actually part of a performance that sent the audience into a frenzy

The teen became irritated after Simon questioned him on why he deserved to be on the talent show.

'Yo yo Simon, I see you man... What is your problem man?... Are you serious? Yo, I swear on your life... if we were on the streets,' he directed at the 51-year-old Brit.

But as the teenager busted into a rap it was clear to see that his threatening tone was actually part of his performance that sent the audience into a frenzy.

Crowd pleaser: Judges Nicole Scherzinger and Paula Abdul busted out some moves

As the crowd went wild for the youngster, the judges stared around in disbelief as he rapped about his mother.

'Brian honey, I am scared of you, and I am not going stare at your mother,' joked judge Nicole Scherzinger.

L.A . Reid, who has produced the likes of Kanye West, Usher and Rihanna, told Brian he had been waiting for someone like him to come into his professional life for years.

Suitably pleased: Even after being turned out by the teenager before his rhyme, Simon was also blown away

Cute: With high hopes of becoming the next big thing, Andy Silikovitz, 43, has been single all of his life

Cheer Squad: Accompanied by his mother who stood backstage with Steve Jones, he revealed to the judges that he had never had a date nor been married, but was hoping that the $5 million prize money would help him find love

Hugs: Simon motioned the middle-aged man to come over and share cuddle with Paula, who happily obliged and embraced him

Confident: Touting herself as the next Mariah Carey, who had 'successfully blown away friends and family with her karaoke abilities Clarissa 'Cashmere' Cheatham was confident

Fit: It was almost like Simon knew what was coming when he broke into a fit of laughter, along with Paula, before Clarissa's terrible performance

Blonde beauty: With her stunning looks Cari Fletcher was a shoe in from the start

Duo: With an army of fans in the audience, Teenage duo Ausem said that they believed and felt the passion in their music and performed of Christina Perri's 'Jar of Hearts'

Awkward: One half of the group, poor Emily, got singled out, with both L.A.and Nicole telling Austin that he was the better singer, and discussed the possibility of splitting the pair up

Dreamy: Simon declared 21-year-old car enthusiast Toro Wolashin as a man's dream, after she told him that she wanted to open her own car shop

No good: Both Jor-El Garcia nor Devon Tally couldn't cut it in Miami

Hunk: Handsome Brennan Hunt was the epitome of a country rock star with his big blue eyes, Southern drawl and raspy voice

Star: Jazzlyn Little brought down the house with her rendition of Mary J.Blige's 'I'm Going Down'

Applause: The performance earned her a standing ovation from the judges

Brian Bradley - Audition 1 - THE X FACTOR 2011

Clarissa Cheatham - Audition 1 - THE X FACTOR 2011

Brennan Hunt - The X Factor U.S. - Audition

Tiger Budbill - The X Factor USA Auditions

Andy Silikovitz - Audtion 1 - THE X FACTOR 2011

Skyelor Anderson - The X Factor USA Auditions

Cari Fletcher - Audition 1 - THE X FACTOR 2011

The X Factor USA - Ausem - Jar of Hearts - Audition

source: dailymail

Miss Macedonia 2011, Vesna Jakimovska

Vesna Jakimovska was crowned Miss Macedonia 2011 at the Roger Piano Music Hall in Skopje on September 28, 2011. She is 20 year old and will represent the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia in Miss World 2011 in London, England on November 6.

Vesna Jakimovska was crowned Miss Macedonia 2011 at the Roger Piano Music Hall in Skopje on September 28, 2011. She is 20 year old and will represent the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia in Miss World 2011 in London, England on November 6. The first runner-up was Nikolina Kuzmanova; the second runner-up was Stefani Stojceska.

source: shinymeteor

Tara Palmer-Tomkinson follows the crowd to a risqué night out... and leaves The Box looking rather worse for wear

By Sarah Fitzmaurice

Bleary eyed: Tara Palmer Tomkinson looking the worse for wear outside The Box nightclub in Soho

It was never going to be long before Britain's most renowned It Girl was photographed outside the country's most talked-about new nightspot.

And Tara Palmer-Tomkinson clearly enjoyed her evening at The Box, the Soho venue at the centre of controversy over its risqué burlesque performances.

A seriously good night? Tara looks as if she had a hell of a time inside the notorious Soho club

It had all started so well : Tara, right seen earlier in the evening, and left, looking seriously bedraggled after leaving The Box

The socialite, 39, was pictured leaving in the early hours of yesterday morning looking very much the worse for wear.

The sleazy club has become increasingly popular with celebrities - and even royals - for its performances featuring topless women and reputedly live sex acts.

Unsteady: Tara leant on the club wall for support and appeared to be exchanging words with the doorman

Bloody hellish: Tara shows off a cut on her finger as she finally leaves the club

However, it's not clear what events occurred inside the Soho nightspot that left the heiress looking quite so shell-shocked.

As she left she appeared to be having words with one of the burly doormen, and even got involved in a flashmob like impromptu dance party
in the street.

Accident: Tara's spokesperson explained she cut her finger while picking up her handbag from under the table

She was also spotted by onlookers slumped against a wall outside of the club, was also nursing a cut on her finger.

Tara's spokesperson explained: ' She cut her finger quite deeply while picking up her handbag from under the table.

'She caught it on broken glass. Tara then left to have it treated and was naturally in shock.'

Boogie night: Tara keeps the party going in the street

The club has been visited by Prince Harry who spent an evening there with friends in February.

While actress Keira Knightley and cricketer Kevin Pietersen have also been pictured at the venue.

But Tara clearly was keen to check it out for herself and left looking like she'd enjoyed it a bit too much.

The evening had started so well, as the socialite looked sleek in her rock-chick outfit before hitting the club.

Party on: Tara carries on partying in the street and playfully takes party goers cap

She had attended the Quintessentially Awards at 1 Marylebone and left looking like the party was already in full swing as as she made her way to The Box.

It had been a different story earlier in the day when she was snapped looking much more presentable as she decided to match her outfit with the weather.

She donned a pair of red hot jeans, showing off her slim legs with a skinny fit, as she headed out for a shopping trip yesterday.

The socialite, 39, had donned a pair of red hot jeans, showing off her slim legs with a skinny fit, as she headed out for a shopping trip yesterday

Great fit: After a successful shop Tara returned to her BMW convertible, a car perfect for the sunny weather, with a large white shopping bag


PICTURED: A strained looking Ashton Kutcher returns to work as he and Demi stay silent on cheat claims

By Daily Mail Reporter

He has been accused of cheating on his wife of six years but instead of lying low Ashton Kutcher was spotted out and about running errands in LA yesterday.

The Two And A Half Men star, whose marriage to Demi Moore is said to be in tatters following the allegations, was pictured looking strained as he visited a motorcycle shop in Hollywood.

Scandal-hit: Ashton Kutcher, who has been accused of cheating on his wife of six years, was seen leaving a motorcycle shop yesterday

Kutcher emerged from the store carrying several shopping bags and was still wearing his wedding ring.

His wife Demi is currently in New York promoting her latest project Fire.

Amid swirling reports that he bedded 23-year-old blonde Sara Leal behind his wife's back, the TV actor was also seen driving to work with an unidentified woman.

Ring on: The Two And A Half Men actor was still wearing his wedding ring despite claims his marriage to Demi Moore is 'over'

Scandal-hit Kutcher has spoken out at current cheating accusations via Twitter.

He wrote: 'When you ASSUME to know that which you know nothing of you make an ASS out of U and ME'.

Media reports have accused Kutcher of having the extra-marital fling at a hotel in San Diego over the weekend of his and Moore's sixth wedding anniversary.

Who is your friend? Later that same day Ashton was seen driving his Lexus with an unidentified woman as he made his way to work

Show must go on: Despite the scandal Ashton still arrived at work to film Two And A Half Men

Ashton isn't the only one who has posted messages to his Twitter page and Demi tweeted a picture of herself with her eyes shut and the caption 'I see through you' on Monday.

Photographs have emerged which show the actor in a nightclub with a pretty blonde on the night of the alleged fling, last Friday.

Ashton was at Fluxx that night where he partied until the early hours of Saturday - the day of the anniversary.

Forlorn: Moore posted this picture of herself on Monday with eyes closed looking solemn, with the words 'I see through you'

Cryptic: Demi Moore posted this mysterious message on her Twitter account the Monday after her wedding anniversary

A woman, identified by various U.S. media outlets as 23-year-old Sara Leal, claims to have had a late night liaison with the Two And A Half Men star after meeting at the venue.

The actor and social media entrepreneur, 33, is yet to formally address reports of the fling and allegations that his marriage to Moore, 48, is over.

Partying: Ashton Kutcher at Fluxx nightclub in San Diego, California, on Friday night. The actor has posted a cryptic denial on Twitter amid claims he cheated on wife Demi Moore

Fling rumours: The Two And A Half Men star is said to have met pretty blonde Sara Leal at the club

In what may be a cryptic nod to the rumours, Kutcher tweeted a link to his Spotify account on Wednesday where he was playing the Public Enemy song Don't Believe the Hype.

As well as the link to the track Ashton's background display is a clock but instead of numbers the clock shows different emotions with the hands pointing towards the words 'anxiety' and 'fear'.

Moore has also been posting cryptic tweets in recent weeks.

As well as the photo with her eyes shut Demi also seemed to hint at trouble on her Twitter page by sharing a quote from Greek philosopher Epictetus.

Twitter response: Kutcher posted this message on his page yesterday

Hint? Kutcher posted this link to Public Enemy song Don't Believe the Hype on his Spotify account yesterday

On September 23, she wrote: 'When we are offended at any man's fault, turn to yourself & study your own failings. Then you will forget your anger.'

It appears that at some point Demi unfollowed her husband on Twitter, meaning she did not get his posts in her feed, but has added him back onto the list of profiles she followers recently.

The social networking site shows who a person follows listing the most recent addition made by that person and according to this Ashton's profile is among the 20 most recently added by the actress.

While Kutcher was in San Diego, Moore was thousands of miles away in New York City, promoting her new Lifetime movie Five with Jennifer Aniston.

No one from the Demi/Ashton camp has made an official statement as yet but Leal is reportedly trying to tout her story for $250,000 and hoping to get a pay-off from Ashton's team.

Radar is reporting that Leal has now gone into hiding and hired a 'top Hollywood attorney'.

Sign of trouble? The actress posted this message about 'anger' the night before spending her wedding anniversary apart from her husband

Meanwhile, some sources are saying that, should Kutcher and Moore's marriage end, the couple could be battling it out in a bitter $290 million divorce.

'It was definitely a long time coming, but they’re finally done for good,' an insider told Star magazine.

'Ashton was a serial cheater, and Demi just couldn’t take it anymore. She didn’t deserve to live that way. It’s a painful time for Demi.'

'Demi's finally ready to move on after all these years because she's sick of feeling like she can't trust trust Ashton,' an insider tells the magazine.

'Especially as his star continues to rise with Two And A Half Men, he's become really vague about where - and with whom - he spends his time.'

Miles away: While Kutcher partied in San Diego, wife Demi Moore was busy promoting new Lifetime movie Five with Jennifer Aniston in New York

Sources also tell Star that Moore and Kutcher have been living largely separate lives, with a source saying it was clear that their marriage was 'beyond help,' when Kutcher visited Moore in New York City recently.

'It was obvious to everyone around them that things were completely over between them and that they are just putting on a show until they officially split,' a source told Star about the couple’s time at the 60 Thompson hotel.

'As far as I know, Demi ended up staying at her place on the Upper West Side and Ashton was here by himself.

'It definitely seemed like he had a lot on his mind.'

The Two And A Half Men star and Demi were spotted on a dinner date together one night, but a witness said; 'They didn’t say much or look especially intimate.'

The magazine even goes so far as to quote one source saying the relationship felt like a 'business deal'.

They added: 'It was mutually beneficial for them to get married. It gave her the cougar effect and rocketed him to the A-list,' the insider said.

'To me, their relationship felt like a business deal with some feelings. But now that Ashton is so famous and the deal is done, what more is there?'


We know you're single Carol but you're wasting your time with Spence... just so you know!

By Sarah Bull and Kirsty Mccormack

Barking up the wrong tree: Dance expert, Louie Spence reveals a bit too much of Carol Vorderman on Loose Women

She might be 50 and single, but Carol Vorderman appeared to be barking up the wrong tree as she lapped up attention from Louie Spence today.

Pineapple Dance Studios star, Spence, appeared on ITV1's Loose Women this afternoon, but only had eyes for former Countdown star Carol.

The 42-year-old dance expert stunned the audience by flirting with the mother-of-two and pulling down the sleeve of her tan coloured top to look at her cleavage.

Vorderman appeared to love the attention and couldn't stop laughing and even played up to the joke by pulling both sides of her top down to emphasise her chest.

Vorderman has been married twice and had a high-profile split from Daily Mail columnist Des Kelly last year.

Such a flirt: Camp Louie laughs with Carol after attempting to look down her top on today's show

Loose Woman: Carol, who has won Rear of the Year, showed off her chest after her fumble with Louie

But now she is single, and insists she has never been happier.

The Loose Women presenter admitted she has not been on her own since her teenage years, and is thoroughly enjoying only having to look out for herself.

Deja Vu: Carol left the ITV studios today in her favourite pair of denim jeans and a khaki short-sleeved shirt

She said: 'I've always been with someone from the age of 15, I've always had a boyfriend, husband or lived with someone.

'Now's the first time in my life that I've been single and I really like it. But that's not to say I'm not dating, by the way.'

'I'm having the time of my life': Twice-married Carol Vorderman, 50, says she's happier than ever being single

Slender: Size 10 Carol, seen in London yesterday, also said since turning 50 she has learned to be happy with her body

Vorderman was married to Royal Navy officer Christopher Mather in 1985, but the pair split after 12 months.

She then married management consultant Patrick King, father of her two children, in 1990, but they separated in 2000.

Former love: Carol's most recent relationship was with Daily Mail columnist Des Kelly, from whom she split earlier this year

Vorderman's most recent relationship was with columnist Kelly, who she dated from 1999 to 2007, before the pair rekindled their relationship but split for good earlier this year.

But while Vorderman is happy with her romantic situation, her famous curves mean she's not short of offers from eager admirers.

And speaking about her figure, which earned her the title of Rear of the Year, Carol said now she has hit a half-century, she has finally learned to be happy with her body.

Family life: Carol with her mother Jean Davies and children Katie and Cameron

She said: 'Turning 50 changed me and I'm far more accepting of myself. I'm not thin, but I am a size 10. I go in at the middle and very much out at the bottom and top.

'And now I think, "Well, that's how I am". Does my bum look big in this? The answer is always yes, But now I don't try to fight what's not going to change.'