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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Spanx, swimwear and spray tanning: It's business as usual for reality TV's most voluptuous stars in new series Big Sexy

By Sarah Bull

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Spanx and spray tanning: Plus-size models Tiffany Bank (left) and Nikki Gomez are seen getting ready for their day in New York in new TLC reality series Big Sexy

They might be on the heavier side when it comes to fashion modelling, but the stars of a new U.S. reality show Big Sexy are determined to prove that big is indeed beautiful.

Models Tiffany Bank and Nikki Gomez, stylist and bikini designer Heather Roach, stylist Leslie Medlick and make-up artist Audrey Curry are seen attempting to break into the New York fashion industry in a bid to challenge stereotypes.

But while the group are determined to change perceptions of bigger women in Manhattan, there are still some model staples they can't do without - namely control underwear and spray tanning.

Working it: On last night's episode, Nikki was seen modelling in a swimwear campaign alongside a slimmer model

Plus-size model Tiffany was seen struggling to pour her curves into a pair of Spanx, while her colleague Nikki was shown modelling in a swimwear campaign alongside a slimmer model.

Talking about the show, Tiffany said: 'People will be surprised about how relatable we all are. People assume a lot of things about plus-sized women, that we’re lazy or unhealthy, but you will see it’s not the case.

'We’re really funny and really interesting, I think people of all shapes and sizes and from all backgrounds will be able to relate to at least one of us.'

Changing perceptions: The three-part series will focus on the five women trying to break into the New York fashion industry

Splash! The women, all aged between 24 and 34, take a running jump into the swimming pool

The first episode of the three-part TLC show showed the five women - who are all aged between 24 and 34 - launch a runway swimwear show after being told they were too big to model on a 'normal' catwalk.

And Tiffany added to Fox News that it's not always easy being a plus-size model.

She added: 'I’m always in really uncomfortable situations, especially in situations when you are at a general casting where you can have plus-sized models and straight-sized models.

Model behaviour: Audrey Curry and Tiffany strut their stuff in a plus-sized swimwear runway show

Not impressed: In last night's show, the girls were seen going to a party specifically for men who love big, beautiful women

'You’re always looked at a little bit longer than everyone else, and there’s this big misconception in the industry that you don’t have to work as hard to be a professional plus-sized model.'

The group were also seen on last night's show being turned away from a Manhattan club for not being slim enough by a bouncer - who then said he would let them inside if they paid an extra $30.

And they were horrified when they went to a party specifically for men who love BBWs - big, beautiful women.

Chilling out: Bikini designer Heather Roach has a lay in the sunshine

A representative for TLC said of the new three-part show: 'They are big, they are beautiful, and they are not sitting at home waiting for life to happen.

'They know better than anyone that real women can be sexy with curves - no matter what society says.'


Who's that girl? Big Brother star Josie Gibson is almost unrecognisable after losing even MORE weight

By Sarah Bull

Who's that girl? Former Big Brother star Josie Gibson showed off her noticeably slimmer frame on Let's Do Lunch With Gino And Mel last week

She said in an interview earlier this month that she's a 'comfortable' size 16.

But former Big Brother star Josie Gibson is almost unrecognisable since her reality TV days, showing off her much slimmer frame as she appeared on ITV's new lunchtime show Let's Do Lunch With Gino And Mel.

Josie, 25, covered up in a printed blue kaftan-style top for her appearance on the show last week, but her weight loss was clear to see.

Disappearing: Josie, who says she was nearly a size 20 when she won Big Brother (right), is now a 'comfortable' size 16

The pretty blonde said earlier this month that she was happy enough with her size 16 figure, but added she is considering having surgery to sort out her breasts.

She said: 'I've given up drinking and it's marvellous. Your skin's better, the whites of your eyes look better and you feel better. I'm a size 16 and I'm comfortable.'

'But I'm going to get my boobs done as one's a D cup and the other's three times smaller. I'd never have lipo - I exercise to tone up.

'I'm shaped like a Christmas tree and one boob's bigger than the other so I'd only give myself four out of ten. I love my eyes, but I really have to work on my bottom half.'

Josie was prompted to lose weight after coming out of the Big Brother house in 2010, and managed to slim down from 16st 7lb to 13st 7lbs.

Talking about losing weight, Josie said: 'I came out of the Big Brother house looking like Ten Ton Tessie. I put on a good two stone in the house. I didn't stop eating in there. I love my food.

'Obviously I wanted to lose weight as I'd turned into a bit of a heifer.

'Now I just feel really fit and healthy.

‘Before I lost weight I was nearly size 20 and my only exercise was partying. I've tried all the diets - I did the Cambridge Diet and lasted from the meeting until I got home!

'They gave me all the bits and pieces but I ate a week's worth of food on the spot, then stopped for a kebab.'

Slender: Josie looked significantly slimmer now than she did in June (right)

Since winning last year's Big Brother, and then taking part in Ultimate Big Brother, Josie has been working hard to further her presenting career, and has been fronting Channel 5 magazine show OKTV this week.

Before presenting her first show, Josie tweeted her followers: 'Omg super excited about my first proper presenting gig!

'Bit nervous but Mr Brazier really helping me. He's the nicest guy ever!!!'


Miss Universe 2011 Contestants, Having Fun - Royal club.

On Tuesday’s night, some of Miss Universe 2011 Contestants were taken to Sao Paulo’s “Royal Club” in down town centre for another night of dancing and leisure. In the photos you can see Miss Australia, Miss USA, Miss Korea, Miss Indonesia, Miss Brazil, Miss France, ect.

source: bloggang, beautypageantnews

Does my battery pack look big in this? Christine Bleakley's sound equipment bulges through her tight dress


Does my battery pack look big in this? Christine Bleakley's tight dress left her microphone battery pack clearly visible as she filmed outside the ITV studios

As a co-host on Daybreak, we're used to seeing Christine Bleakley sitting on the sofa.

But when the presenter popped outside for a rare outside broadcast with Kelly Brook, onlookers were given a glimpse of her sound equipment - the side the television never shows.

Although the 32-year-old looked amazing from the front in a fitted burgundy dress, unfortunately from the back, the tight material hugged her battery pack and microphone wires.

Going alfresco: Bleakley and co-host Dan Lobb interview Kelly Brook about the Skyride campaign

The Northern Irish star's toned physique appeared curvier than normal as the square shape of the battery pack and the wire leading up to her microphone was clearly visible in the backside of the dress.

If Daybreak guest Brook was wearing the same equipment, her loose-fitting playsuit meant she didn't suffer the same fashion faux pas.

Brook was appearing on the breakfast show to promote the upcoming Skyride - which sees a large area of London closed off to cars for a mass cycling event on Sunday.

The magic of television uncovered: The location of Bleakley's battery pack may have made sitting down quite uncomfortable

The model has promoted the event alongside London's Mayor Boris Johnson for the past three years.

Although she wore a dress for the Skyride photoshoot last week, she opted for a more bike-friendly black playsuit today as she was introduced as the 'queen of bikes' on the show.

Watching her Daybreak appearance at home on TV, DJ Trevor Nelson wrote on Twitter today: 'Kelly Brook and Christine on Daybreak is a bit much this morning.'

Vivacious: Brook was her usual upbeat, giggly self as she helped Daybreak viewers wake up

Brook admitted she had started working out again recently after putting her gym schedule on hold when she was pregnant.

Sadly, the 31-year-old miscarried the baby girl she was expecting with boyfriend Thom Evans in May.

She said: 'I've been working out, riding my bike, going back to the gym and doing photo shoots and modelling. It's been really nice to get back in my body and get fit again.'

Kelly Brook - Perfect Sexy Pins - Daybreak 31/8/2011 (HD)

source: dailymail

That won't help! Maria Fowler chows down on a greasy burger as she admits she wants to slim to a size six


Enjoying that? The Only Way Is Essex star ordered a Double Whopper burger sandwich and onion rings despite saying she wants to slim to a size six

She's said she wants to slim down to a tiny size six because she's not happy with photographs of herself.

But perhaps The Only Way Is Essex star Maria Fowler hasn't yet started her diet, as the 25-year-old was spotted yesterday indulging in a greasy meal at Burger King in Marbella.

Dressed in an Ann Summers monokini, Maria kept her sunglasses on as she enjoyed a Double Whopper burger and chips at the fast food outlet.

Chowing down: Maria looked as though she was thoroughly enjoying her meal

Maria's meal came as she admitted to Closer magazine she is conscious of 'looking big' in photographs, despite being a size 8.

And Maria, who has posed naked for Breast Cancer Care's Pink Fridays campaign in the publication, has even taken up boxing in a bid to lose a few pounds.

She said: 'I see bits others wouldn’t that I’d like to change! I see paparazzi pics of me in a bikini, and I think I look too big - I hate it. I really want to be size 6.

Splashing around: Maria was spotted yesterday enjoying a dip wearing a cute Dolly Boutique bikini

Maria, who is also planning to have an advanced laser liposuction procedure to get rid of 'a small pocket of fat' on her bottom, also spoke to Closer about her mother Trudy's battle with breast cancer.

The full interview appears in this week's Closer magazine, out now

The TOWIE star revealed Trudy, 56, told her she was suffering from the disease five years ago, leaving her 'numb with shock'.

And Maria said while posing completely naked was 'nerve-wracking', she wanted to do it to raise awareness of breast cancer.

source: dailymail

Hmm, this looks familiar... Cheryl Cole is back on a judging panel, but this time it's for her new film


Don't judge me: Cheryl Cole appears on the set of her new film with Tyce Diorio and Taboo of the Black Eyed Peas

She may have lost out on the chance to be a judge on the X Factor USA, but Cheryl Cole has got her feet firmly behind a judging desk once again.

However this time she's appearing on the panel in a new film role.

The 28-year-old is currently filming scenes for a cameo appearance in a brand new Hollywood movie starring Jennifer Lopez and Cameron Diaz.

On the panel: The singer appeared on last year's X Factor alongside Simon Cowell, Louis Walsh and Geri Halliwell

And in this new pic posted by her friend, Black Eyed Peas star Taboo, she has been transported back to her former guise as a judge - this time however, it's not for the X Factor.

Cheryl looks perfectly comfortable as she poses with Taboo and dancer Tyce Diorio, wearing the unusual black dress she was pictured wearing earlier in the day.
The revealing Emilio Pucci number was half lace - with the left side almost completely see through.

Dressed to impress: Cheryl wore a sassy Emilio Pucci dress for her cameo role in new film What To Expect When You're Expecting

Her scenes are to be a small part of What To Expect When You're Expecting – whose cast also includes actors Dennis Quaid, Chris Rock and Matthew Morrison - which chronicles the lives of four couples as they prepare to become parents.

And Cheryl's cameo has been perceived by some as a cheeky side-swipe at Simon Cowell after she was sacked from X Factor USA.

Cameron Diaz plays Jules who auditions in an X Factor-style contest in front of the TV talent show judge - Cheryl's character.

Cheryl is said to have initially impressed Hollywood film bosses during a four-day appearance at the Cannes Film Festival in May.

First contact: The singer posted her first couple of messages on her Twitter page yesterday - two months after opening the account

A film source revealed to the Daily Mail earlier this year: ‘This is a bit of fun for Cheryl. She will film the scenes imminently and is really looking forward to it.

'It doesn’t mean she suddenly wants to become an actress. It was just an opportunity that has come up while she has been having some down time and she thought it would be great fun to take part.’

Cheryl's appearance on set came as she finally wrote her first tweet - two months after opening her official Twitter account.

She wrote yesterday: 'It's me CC! WHERE MY SOLDIERS AT.......?!!! I can't believe what my fingers are doing but yes I'm tweeting :-s so here goes...X.'

That post was later followed by a message to her new co-star Diaz, who turned 39.
She said: 'Happy birthday Cameron, you sexy beeeyyaatchh...X.'

source: dailymail

Leggy lady Abbey Crouch shows off her toned figure in a pair of tiny leather shorts

By Sarah Bull

Leggy lady: Abbey Crouch showed off her toned figure in a pair of tiny leather hotpants on This Morning yesterday

She might be a new mother, but Abbey Crouch shows no sign of toning down her wardrobe.

The 25-year-old star was spotted showing off her toned figure in pair of tiny quilted leather shorts as she presented her fashion segment on This Morning yesterday.

Abbey teamed the bottoms, which highlighted her enviably long legs, with a black and red checked shirt for her television appearance.

Toned: The 25-year-old looks in incredible shape, despite having given birth to daughter Sophia in March

As she left the ITV studios after her morning of work, Abbey changed her shorts for a pair of figure-hugging black leggings.

Abbey was on the show to give viewers tips on how to achieve the A-list look with the best celebrity clothing ranges.

She tweeted before her appearance: 'On my way to this morning got a great feature today celebrity clothes ranges!!! Xx tune in baby!! xx'

The stunning WAG, wife of Peter Crouch, said recently that she had no intention of changing the way she looks just because she's a mother.

Lithe: Abbey later changed into a pair of black leggings as she left for the day

She explained: 'I'm determined not to start dressing like I'm 45 years old now that I'm a mum.

'I've bought some Lanvin snake-print wedges so maybe you'll see me pushing the pram in those and my hotpants!'

When asked how she lost her baby weight so quickly, Abbey admitted she regularly watched a Sky show called Perfect Bum With Doug Robertson.

Fresh-faced: Abbey had arrived at the ITV studios wearing leggings and a striped jumper

She said: 'After I’ve fed Sophia, me and my mum work out to it in the kitchen. And with all the amazing weather we’ve been having, I’ve been on long walks, pushing Sophia’s pram. I do feel fab.'

It was claimed recently that Abbey has moved her mother Karen into her family home in Surrey to help look after little Sophia.

A source told The Sun: 'Abbey's getting back to work and wants her mum with the baby rather than hired help.

'It means she can catch up on sleep after night feeds.'