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Friday, August 31, 2012

Attention! Meet the newest Men’s Health cover star army boy Captain Charles Powell (and his winning six-pack)

By Bianca London

It's the magazine that describes its reader's as 'active, successful, intelligent men' whose rippling abs grace its cover month after month.

And now, after sifting through hundreds of entries, the readers of Men’s Health have spoken and chosen the winner of the iconic title of Cover Model 2012.

Meet Charlie Powell, a 32-year-old army captain from Stamford in Lincolnshire, who has been crowned with the prestigious title of Men’s Health Cover Model 2012.

Halt! Charles Powell has been crowned the winner of the Men's Health Cover Model Competition 2012

Charlie, who features on the cover of this month’s Men’s Health, raked in a staggering 4,270 votes to win the title and is sure to have appealed to the women who like their men in a uniform.

He has trained at the prestigious Sandhurst, where he built his toned physique and prides himself on his ability to strap 100lbs of kit to his back and fight in any environment in the world.

'If that does not embody fitness I don’t know what does,' he said in his application.

His level of fitness has helped him to complete two physically demanding tours of Afghanistan and he has pushed himself to his physical limits.

Guns of steele: Charles trained at Sandhurst and has completed two tours of Afghanistan

He said: 'It's extremely important for my job to be fit, as a Captain in the Infantry, I am expected to lead my men from the front in extremely arduous and dangerous conditions. Being fit in my job can quite literally save lives.'

He embodies the magazine’s ideal of motivating himself to stay in great shape, wherever he might be.

'I never wanted to work in an office

'I always want to push myself physically – that’s why I joined the army. Being on deployment makes training tricky but now, in Cyprus, I have access to a decent gym and am in the best shape of my life,' he said.

Being in top physical and mental shape is a must for an army captain but Charlie did receive a little help from his NATO colleagues.

'I started to get bigger while working out with a couple of US Marines in their gym in Afghanistan. Those guys are hardcore.'
Men’s Health Editor Toby Wiseman said: 'Charlie epitomises the functional fitness we should all aspire to.

'Despite his overseas postings making regular training sometimes difficult, his dedication to his own health and fitness is an inspiration to the many time-poor men amongst us.

'If he can find the time and space to exercise, so can we.'

Wiseman added: 'His training has left him fit and strong, as well as in excellent shape aesthetically. He personifies everything the Men’s Health man should be - a natural in front of the camera and a down-to-earth guy. The competition was very tough, but he is a more than worthy winner.'


Former TOWIE star Lauren Goodger dresses in all black as she dines with new best friends Katie Price and Michelle Heaton

Come dine with me: Lauren Goodger covered her curves in a black outfit as she met with Katie Price and Michelle Heaton, in Brighton, last night

Having quit the The Only Way Is Essex to pursue a solo career, Lauren Goodger decided to speak to the queen of reality programming for some guidance.

The curvy star met up with Katie Price for a girls night out, yesterday (Thursday), in Brighton, as the two television egos joined forces.

Katie, 34, and Lauren, 25, both shunned the National Reality Television Awards, which were held last night, in favour of a low key evening of dinner and drinks.

The old hands: Michelle Heaton and Katie Price arrived in good spirits as they prepared to have dinner with Lauren Goodger

The pair were joined by Price's best friend and former pop star Michelle Heaton as they headed to the restaurant.

Lauren was dressed up for the meal and wore a black peplum top with very tight fit trousers and a pair of peep toe heels.

The Essex girl wore her honey blonde hair extensions down and accessorised with a red handbag after having spent the day sightseeing in Brighton.

Good to see you: Lauren embraced Katie and Michelle warmly before moving on into the restaurant

She tweeted: 'Had lovely day in Brighton bought some Ray Bans n new Bag..Had hair blow dried at @electric_london and nails done @julieannecoates thank u x'.

While Lauren dressed up for the meeting her mentor played it much more casually and arrived wearing a pair of leggings with knee-high boots.

Price covered her white top with a large scarf as she and Heaton greeted Lauren warmly outside of the restaurant.

With hugs and kisses out of the way the group moved inside the venue to have a 'catch up' and eat some fine food.

Motormouth: Katie left the restaurant in style in her pink Range Rover as she departed for home

Lauren tweeted: 'Had lovely dinner lovely giggles and chats actually quite funny @MissKatiePrice n @wonderwomanshel looking forward next wk kate #party!x x'.

After the meal the new friendship circle said their goodbyes and parted ways with Katie jumping in her pink Range Rover.

Goodger stayed in Brighton over night and said: 'Good night everyone! I'm back 2 essex in the morn x x'.


Not even you can get away with THAT! David Beckham loses major style points as he steps out in white socks and pool slippers

By Joel Cooper

He is usually admired as a bona fide style icon that can do no wrong, but now David Beckham has committed the ultimate fashion faux pas of wearing socks with his sandals.

Considered one of the first rules of style, it is widely accepted that it is incredibly unfashionable to sport the ugly trend.

And as an official trendsetter, you’d think that David would know not to wear such an awkward combination.

Faux pas: David Beckham wears socks and sandals on his trip to the Whole Foods grocery store in Santa Monica yesterday (Thursday)

What would Victoria say? David sported this bad combination as he returned to his car

With wife Victoria a legitimate success story in the fashion industry, she must be seething over seeing these pictures.

The LA Galaxy footballer was seen on a trip to the supermarket at Whole Foods in Santa Monica, California yesterday (Thursday), where he picked up groceries and was spotted eyeing up the wine.

Usually fashionable David has his own range of H&M underwear and is often pictured looking dapper at events.

Show me the money: David paid for his groceries at the Santa Monica supermarket

Red or white? David was sure to check out the selection of wine on offer as he wheeled his trolley past this display

On a trip to the supermarket he wore a casual white T-shirt and loose fitting sweat pants, with a matching grey beanie hat.

He also recently vouched his support for the London 2012 Paralympic Games by donning their official T-shirt to record a special message to the troops in Afghanistan, encouraging soldiers to wear their own Paralympic T-shirts with pride.

David and wife Victoria have been recently been rocked by rumours of an affair between he and opera singer Katherine Jenkins.

Bag it like Beckham: David packed up his own groceries and loaded them into his car

Return carts here: David was a model shopper and wheeled his trolley back to the store

Katherine took to Twitter to deny the allegations: 'Dear Twitter friends, I've read some horrible rumours on here & want u 2 know I absolutely deny I’ve had an affair with David Beckham.

'The rumours are very hurtful, untrue & my lawyers tell me actionable.

'I’ve only met David twice: once at the Military Awards in 2010 & on a night out in the West End in Feb 2012.

'We were out in a group of friends & it was just a normal fun evening out. Just so we are clear I have never been on my own with him and never arranged to meet up.'

Posh Spice Victoria was said to be ‘bemused’ by the rumours, although a source revealed that she’d felt hurt by the claims.

The source told LOOK magazine: 'Victoria and David have been through a lot and love each other. There's no way she'd let the family get dragged into a Twitter soap opera.

'The rumours are not true, but that doesn't stop them being hurtful.'

Supporting the Paralympics: David talks to the troops and encourages them to wear their shirts with pride

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'He was talking the face off of us': Cheryl Cole jokingly blames motormouth's lack of concentration for car crash drama

By Donna Mcconnell, Sara Nathan and Kimberley Dadds

She worried fans when she was involved in a bloody crash just two days ago.

But like the true professional she is, Cheryl Cole has already thrown herself back into work, despite having to walk around with a sling on her arm.

The Girls Aloud star has been spotted busy at work today as she rushes around London fulfilling her various interview slots.

Trooper: Cheryl Cole gets back to work in a sling just 48 hours after being involve din a bloody car crash alongside

She started the morning at Capital Radio, before moving on to Radio 1 where she had a chat with Fearne Cotton.

Cheryl was seen with a large grin on her face as she turned up to both buildings while she recovers from her injuries.

But opening up to Capital Radio's Dave Berry she revealed she only has to wear the sling for three days - and even joked the crash was's fault.

Injured: She flew straight back to London and spent this morning (Friday) attending different radio interviews across London

All smiles: She revealed to Capital Radio that she's been told by her doctor to wear the sling for three days

Bouncing back: Cheryl also revealed that the accident occurred when was busy talking to her about his latest song

She told him this morning (Friday): 'You know what, I think it's actually hurting more to have it in the sling than it does when it's not in there. I was just told to wear it for three days. I'm following doctor's orders.'

And she also shed light on how the accident came about, which saw her get hurt while in the car with her pal

The 29-year-old joked The Black Eyed Peas star wasn't concentrating as he too busy chatting away to her.

New accessory: Cole was greeted by hordes of fans as she showed up to the Radio 1 studios earlier today

Relaxed: Despite the trauma of the crash, Cheryl has been taking to Twitter to ensure her fans she has fully back on the mend

When asked by Capital Breakfast co-presenter Lisa Snowdon if was a bad driver, Cheryl replied: 'That bad a talker, I would say. He was talking the face off us... He was talking about Nasa and Mars and his song.'

And Cheryl has also been taking to Twitter to share snaps with her posing in her sling.

She received treatment for the accident which happened in Los Angeles alongside manager, who was pictured leaving hospital in a neck brace.

And she has now put it behind her to promote her new song Under The Sun.

The pop star's PA posted one snap on her Twitter page this morning alongside the cheeky caption: 'One arm bandit but trust me her mouth still works! ?#nothingthematterwithher?.'

Slinging eck: Cheryl Cole's PA posted a snap of star complete with her new accessory, a black sling on her arm Twitter page on Friday

Miss Cole is next due to film an appearance on Jonathan Ross’s ITV chat show, to be aired next Saturday.

The crash occurred after Cole – who has dropped her married name for professional purposes and will be known as ‘Cheryl’ – and Black Eyed Peas star left a recording studio.

It was, 37, a judge on BBC talent show The Voice, who was behind the wheel of the Cadillac when it drove into a parked car at around 3.30am.

Back to business: Cheryl at Capital FM with Lisa Snowdon and Dave Berry today

Cheryl was left bloodied and bruised following the early morning car crash.
The singer, 29, and her manager and close friend managed to escape the accident with only minor injuries.

The pair were pictured with blood streaming down their noses and mouths as they sat dazed in a £100,000 Cadillac in the early hours of Wednesday in Los Angeles.

Both left hospital wearing neck braces, but friends of Miss Cole insisted it was only a ‘precautionary measure’ – and within hours, the singer was boarding a flight to the UK with her arm in a sling.

The crash comes just as the singer is about to embark on a promotional tour, which begins today.

Cheryl, who has planned a series of appearances to plug her new single Under The Sun, was said to be ‘shaken’ following the incident, but a source insisted: ‘It looked worse than it was.

‘Of course, Cheryl was really shaken up. The hospitals will give you a neck brace as a precaution, but she’s gearing up for a full day of promotion, she’s fine.’

The passenger side airbag apparently failed to open and Miss Cole was thrown
headfirst into the dashboard, leaving her bleeding, bruised and wiping away tears.

Late-night burger: Cheryl Cole and - pictured here in a recent shoot - were stopping off for a McDonalds at 3.30am when the crash occurred

Witnesses said that’s airbag inflated and hit him in the face, which caused a nose bleed.

Police were called to the scene and the stars were taken to nearby Cedars-Sinai hospital, emerging wearing neck braces.

But both Miss Cole and were quick to reassure fans. wrote on Twitter: ‘Car accidents are not dope. I’m glad I’m OK.’ Responding to a friend, he added: ‘[Cheryl] and I are fine. Just a little #wiplash (sic).’

Miss Cole wrote: ‘Don’t worry me and @iamwill are fine, promise.x’

Speed racer: The Cadillac CTS is the £100,000 motor that crashed into a parked car

The pair have been close friends since Miss Cole appeared on’s solo single Heartbreaker in 2008 – her first endeavour away from her group Girls Aloud.

He went on to guide her as she began a solo career and has steered her through three albums. But in an interview and photo shoot with ES magazine, out Friday, the pair addressed rumours that they had been romantically involved.

Miss Cole, who is divorced from footballer Ashley Cole and in a new relationship with dancer Tre Holloway, said: ‘Of course that’s the natural thing people go to.

‘Heaven forbid you should have any kind of relationship with someone from the opposite sex. I was still married then too. I had always thought Will was quirky and out there and just ridiculously talented, and he is all those things.

‘He’s amazing and we just clicked straight away.’

For his part, said he was drawn to Miss Cole’s personality, describing her as: ‘Charming, approachable, adorable, sweet, broken, fragile, strong.’

The rapper denied rumours that he is gay and insisted he is ‘not lonely’.

Meanwhile, Miss Cole, who will begin her first UK solo tour on October 3, revealed that she has decided to pen an autobiography to clear up inaccuracies written about her.

She said: ‘The amount I’ve had to read and endure and cry about and deal with has become very frustrating . . . I was always happy to keep my mouth shut, but it’s like when a bully slaps someone and finally I’ve had enough.’


Thursday, August 30, 2012

LeAnn Rimes enters rehab for 'anxiety and stress'... just a day after celebrating her 30th birthday

By Kimberley Dadds

LeAnn Rimes has entered rehab for 'anxiety and stress'.

The country singer has 'voluntarily' admitted herself to the facility for 30 days... just a day after her 30th birthday.

Rimes' representative Marcel Pariseau has confirmed the news to, saying in a statement: 'LeAnn has voluntarily entered a 30 day in-patient treatment facility to cope with anxiety and stress.

Rehab: LeAnn Rimes has voluntarily admitted herself to a rehabilitation centre for 'stress and anxiety'

'While there will be speculation regarding her treatment, she is simply there to learn and develop coping mechanisms. While privacy isn't expected, it's certainly appreciated.'

And the star has spoken out herself about her decision to go into the rehabilitation centre.

She told the website: 'This is just a time for me to emotionally check out for a second and take care of myself and come back in 30 days as the best 30-year-old woman I can be.

'All the things in my life will be there when I get out, but you know what? I'm hoping they're not going to affect me as much. I'll have the tools to know how to deal with them.'

It comes just a day after she let her hair down for her 30th celebrations.
She has spent the past month indulging in an array of festivities to mark the milestone.

And on Tuesday, as the big day finally arrived, LeAnn Rimes headed out to a Malibu restaurant with husband Eddie Cibrian for an intimate dinner for what surely must be her last celebration of the milestone.

But her husband has also spoken out to show his support for her decision.

He added: 'My wife is the most remarkable and courageous woman I know.

'I am so proud of her for having the strength to finally take some time for herself. I will be with her every step of the way.'

When she stepped out yesterday, before entering the centre, the country singer looked a little less preened than usual with scruffy hair and a casual outfit as she and Eddie strolled through the Los Angeles sunshine for an intimate meal at Nobu.

Now it seems it may have been a goodbye lunch as they may have been aware she was going to stay at the centre for several weeks.

The star had teased her long wavy blonde mane into a hastily assembled half ponytail for her dinner out.

A baggy grey T-shirt, long gold cross chain and long black skirt slit to the thigh did little to hide the singer's extremely slim figure.

Grey fringed boots and a snakeskin bag completed the look, while Eddie sported a casual white shirt and jeans, and appeared to be carrying a bag which perhaps contained a present for his wife.

Judging by LeAnn's smiling appearance, she was more than happy to bid farewell to her 20s and embrace a new decade.

'They looked really happy and were talking a lot,' an fellow restaurant goer told Us Weekly. 'He was really animated and she was beaming. They held hands across the table at some points.'

The star held a larger birthday celebration back on August 18 in a private bash attended by family and friends.

Happy and relaxed: LeAnn and husband Eddie Cibrian continued the singer's 30th birthday celebrations with an intimate dinner at Nobu in Malibu prior to the announcement

Super slim: LeAnn's baggy T-shirt and long black skirt did little to hide her super slim figure after celebrating her milestone on Tuesday

'I've been ready to leave my 20s behind,' LeAnn told People at the bash. 'I had so many amazing things happen in my 20s, and I also had a lot of hard lessons to learn.'

She added: 'I really have been truly excited about turning 30. I'm ready to be stronger than ever. It's a new chapter.'

According to the website, LeAnn blew out candles on a cake which featured a mini-version of herself wearing a bikini standing on top of a coffin. 'I'm stompin' on my 20s, stompin' 'em out,' she explained.

I want to hold your hand: The couple 'couldn't stop smiling' over LeAnn's birthday dinner, according to fellow diners

'It's funny that people have this obsession with me in a bikini,' she added. 'I'm on the beach. What am I supposed to wear?

'I grew up with chronic psoriasis my whole life and the last six years is the first time I've actually been super healthy. My skin is clear, I'm taking care of myself, and since I'm turning 30, between psoriasis and my [bottom] sagging, I only have a few more years to do it so I might as well wear one!'

Eddie also gave his wife a romantic early birthday gift - a rose gold and diamond Cartier 'Love' bracelet.

'I've always wanted one. I cried so hard when he gave it to me,' said LeAnn. 'He's always so thoughtful.'

Ready to go in: She enjoyed a lunch date with her husband before entering rehab

Happy together: The couple chose to have an intimate dinner after a month of birthday celebrations and Eddie has spoken out in support of her rehab decision

LeAnn was also given another memorable present by a old schoolfriend. She said: 'A friend I've known since I was 15 had everyone make a little video about their

favourite memory of me, and he put it all together. It made me cry for half a day. I have a beautiful life – I am lucky.'

Along with her birthday party and yesterday's intimate dinner, the star sported a bikini for a celebratory beach party last weekend, tweeting: 'HUGE thx to @donjulio for providing the tequila and awesome mixologist for my 30th bday!!!'

Birthday present: Eddie presented his wife with a Cartier diamond and rose gold 'love' bracelet for her big day


Wednesday, August 29, 2012

They look Supreme! Little Mix ditch their trainers and channel their Sixties pop heroines for sexy shoot

By Daily Mail Reporter

Little Mix might be the most exciting girl band of today, but the X Factor winners have invoked the spirit of original sixties girl groups for a new magazine spread.

The young pop stars who are currently on the promo trail for their debut single Wings, made a departure from their normal colourful attire for a black and white sixties style shoot for fashion magazine, Fiasco.

Going back to the roots of pop music, the four girls went all retro, styling themselves in the image of sixties icons The Supremes and The Shangri-las.

This is not just any picture: Perrie Edwards looks like a young Twiggy in the shoot for Fiasco magazine

Taking it easy: Jesy Nelson recently said she didn't feel pressured to lose weight and celebrates her curves

Perrie Edwards, who is currently dating One Direction’s Zayn Malik and is known for her edgy style, has her blonde hair high on top of her head in one of the snaps, teamed with dramatic retro make-up.

Wearing a cute baby doll collar, the likeness to fashion icon Twiggy is striking.

Band favourite Jesy Nelson shows off her recent weight loss in her pictures, her long legs on show in a sultry black dress.

Classic: Jesy Nelson shows off her new slimmer figure in a slashed dress, with her trademark tresses loose on her shoulders

You don't need a slimming stripe! Jade Thirlwall looks unrecognisable in the Sixties shoot

Blank face: Jade Thirlwall looked stunning in heavy eye make-up on the shoot

Despite claiming that she doesn’t want to lose weight, Jesy has shown off a newly slimmed down figure in recent weeks, which she’s making the most of.

Style-conscious Leigh-Anne Pinnock donned a black and white sixties shift dress for the shoot, her hair piled high, a dead ringer for a sixties pop star.

Jade Thirlwall really got into the spirit of the shoot, looking almost unrecognisable with her large eyes accentuated with heavy eyeliner and long lashes, wearing a white shift dress.

Colour overload: Little Mix in their usual style as they leave Radio 1 this week

‘We adore this shoot. It was so much fun to try a new look, especially one inspired by such great girl groups from the past,’ said Jade.

After an exciting weekend, which saw the girls’ first single shoot to No.1 on the iTunes chart, the band are set for chart success as midweek figures show they are currently at No. 1.


TOWIE on the razz! Tom Pearce and Diags show off their pulling skills on a night out as they're surrounded by girls

By Fehintola Betiku

They recently wrapped the sixth series of their hit reality The Only Way Is Essex, and they celebrated with a grand party at The Cavendish Square.

And continuing to enjoy their time off before filming for the seventh series begins, yesterday (Tuesday), Tom Pearce and James 'Diags' Bennewith headed to Aura nightclub.

As they rounded up their evening the boys proved popular as they were seen surrounded by a group of adoring girls.

Grab your coat - you've pulled! TOWIE's Tom Pearce and James 'Diags' Bennewith were pictured last night as they left Aura nightclub in London last night (Tuesday)

Economics graduate, Tom, was at one point seen in the arms of three girls as he stood against a wall outside the Mayfair club.

Dressed in a black T-shirt and a pair of stone coloured skinny jeans with a pair of trainers, the 22-year-old appeared to be loving the attention, as he grinned from ear to ear.

Despite the fact he was in high demand, as he left hand in hand with a blonde girl who he had spent some time getting acquainted with outside the nightclub as they stood by a wall kissing.

Handing out hugs: One of Tom's fans was seen giving him a hug as another two gushed as they stood close to the reality TV star

There's enough of Pearce to go around... All the ladies eventually moved in for a group hug

Hands on: The cheeky Essex lad was seen placing his hand on the blonde's derriére

Tom's 21-year-old co-star Diags also had his fair share of attention from the ladies.

He was seen sharing a three-way kiss with two mystery blondes as he smoked a cigarette, and he was then pictured hand-in-hand with a brunette who wore a fitted grey lace dress.

Keeping it causal, the reality TV star donned a pair of navy Converse with jeans and a lilac T-shirt.

Coming up for air: The 22-year-old and his companion soon left their spot to join the rest of the party

Give us a kiss then... Diags gave two blondes a kiss as he smoked a cigarette

Can you feel her aura? Diags seemed to find himself a girl worthy of a kiss when he planted one on a brunette

Funnily enough before the boys headed out last night, it seemed as though Tom had plans to enjoy a quiet night indoors.

Yesterday he tweeted: 'What to do tonight? chilled one?'

But in always up for a good night out, Diags was quick to lay out a few plans for his dear friend.

The cheeky Essex lad posted a message that read: 'Think its time for me and the boys to head to @AuraMayfair #ritaora #otheraurarelatedjokes'

Making her weak at the knees: The mystery brunette ended up on the floor at one point during the evening


When Love Takes Over: David Guetta renews wedding vows as he celebrates 20-year-marriage to wife Cathy

By J J Anisiobi

As an international best selling DJ his hectic tour schedule must make it difficult to maintain a family life.

However, David Guetta's long standing relationship has continued to go from strength to strength as he recently celebrated his 20-year marriage in Ibiza, Spain.

The 44-year-old superstar producer and his wife Cathy Guetta renewed their vows in an intimate ceremony in front of close friends and family, on Tuesday.

Here comes the bride: David Guetta renewed his wedding vows as he celebrated his 20 years of marriage to wife Cathy

David put away his trendy normal gear of trainers, jeans and T-shirts in favour of a smooth looking black tuxedo and bow tie combination.

His beautiful wife looked a vision in a white knee-length dress with a delicate white hair band in her blonde hair.

She teamed the pretty outfit with a pair of white gloves, large matching belt and carried a bouquet of pink and white roses.

French delight: The couple were joined by family and friends as they held the ceremony in Ibiza, Spain

Still in love: Cathy looked radiant in a knee-length dress with white gloves and a dainty hairband

Smiles better: Cathy couldn't hide her delight as she beamed with joy during the ceremony

The couple picked the idyllic surroundings of the party island as David had been playing there throughout the summer.

The big name star also had his two children present at the ceremony, Tim and Angie.

Several young little girls were seen wearing bridesmaid dresses as they walked down the aisle at the nuptials followed by David and Cathy.

Little helpers: A group of small girls wore bridesmaid dresses as they walked down the aisle

Sweet hearts: The couple work together on their businesses as well as their personal lives

Cathy is a socialite and night club manager but also manages some of her husbands affairs including his brand F*** Me I'm Famous.

She has previously stated that Ibiza is the couples favourite haunt.

She said: 'I've said it before and I'll say it again because for me, in the summer in Ibiza, it's the place where there's real partying for four months.

'There are some mad clubs, there are thousands of people who go out every night to party so they can dance, have fun, flirt, look good, seduce, be seduced, etc.

'For me, the most beautiful party is Ibiza in the summer.'

David must have been tired as he played at the Belsonic festival in Belfast, Northern Ireland, on Sunday night and then flew to Ibiza for another gig.

The long haired star is usually hanging out with musicians such as Jessie J, and Usher, but none of them were at the ceremony.