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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

'Is it time to bon voyage her?': How Alex Reid's texts revealed he was plotting to dump Chantelle after she'd given birth

By Sarah Fitzmaurice

She's struggling to come to terms with being a single parent to daughter Dolly after splitting from fiancé Alex Reid.

And now Chantelle Houghton has revealed that prior to their break-up she found telling text messages on the cage fighter's phone, which left her shocked and disgusted.

In an interview with OK! magazine she said: 'One night I looked at Alex’s phone, feeling like he and one of this friends were plotting something against me, and I found a text from Alex to this man talking about me. Alex asked him: "Is it time to bon voyage her?" Bon voyage me?! I couldn’t believe what I was reading. Dolly was ten weeks old. I’m the mother of his child and had no idea he was plotting this.'

Feeling the strain: Chantelle Houghton was seen looking exhausted and emotional as she ordered a takeaway from a Chinese

After reading the betrayal on screen Chantelle has no desire to stay friends with any of Alex's pals.

She said: 'I wouldn’t want to socialise with Alex’s friends because in my opinion they might be very underhand, some of whom I believe have gone to the press and sold stories.

'I got to the point where he kept humiliating me – you’re not supporting me, why should I support you? Why should I keep protecting you when you don’t actually seem to care?'

And it seems the strain of her situation is a burden too big to bear for Chantelle Houghton who looked close to breaking point last night.

Exhausted: The reality star, 29, was seen sporting large bags under her eyes and had her hair pulled up into a scruffy bun

The one thing that makes her smile: The single mother put on a brave face as she entertained her daughter Dolly

The 29-year-old former reality star was seen fluctuating between sobbing and attempting to put on a brave face for her daughter as she waited for a Chinese takeaway.

Chantelle appeared absolutely exhausted and failed to hide the deep dark bags under her eyes.

Her blonde hair was pulled up in to a scruffy bun which added to her dishevelled appearance.

The mother-of-one was extremely emotional throughout the meal and she was seen breaking into tears as she chatted with friends.

Not keeping in contact: Chantelle has told Ok! magazine that she doesn't want to keep friends with Alex's pals

Trying to get on with things: Chantelle is trying to move on with her life after splitting from Alex Reid

While she let some of her heartache out to her close pals, Chantelle managed to raise a smile to entertain her daughter.

Dolly, who was born in July, appears to be the only thing helping Chantelle through her split from Ried which has resulted in bitter blows being handed out from both sides.

In a recent interview with Ok! magazine the former glamour model revealed that she will not be keeping in contact with her former partner's friends.

Chantelle recently accused Alex of 'bringing her down' she claims that she was shocked when he asked to have a DNA test to prove their three-and-a-half month year old daughter Dolly is his.

In her new! magazine column she wrote: 'I feel like Alex is trying to bring me down at the moment. He's trying to make me out to be something I'm not.

'He said last week he's prepared to have a DNA test to prove Dolly is his, but no one had ever heard any 'rumours' saying she wasn't.'

Despite their differences, she is still desperate to ensure he spends quality time with Dolly.

She added: 'Despite what's going on between us, I will never stop Dolly from seeing her dad...We're trying to arrange set times for him to visit Dolly twice a week.'

Alex and Chantelle began dating in May last year and became engaged last October.

The former Big Brother star, who divorced from Ordinary Boys singer Preston in 2007 announced she was pregnant with Reid's baby in November 2011.

Strained: Chantelle is not stopping Alex from seeing his daughter. The cage fighter was seen taking a Chinese takeaway to her house last month



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