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Monday, July 30, 2012

'What a little w***e!' Kris Jenner is forced to take lie detector test by her daughters after secret meeting with ex-lover

By Amelia Proud

After last week's tumultuous episode saw Kris and Bruce on the verge on splitting up, this week's Kardashian adventure focused on those crazy kids trying to get their parents back together.

On last week’s episode Bruce found a new golf partner in Angie Everhart.

Bruce told Kris he loved playing golf with the model, and Kris became greener than Kris Humphries was when he agreed to marry Kim... but in her case, with jealousy.

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Under pressure: Kris Jenner is forced to take a lie detector test after meeting up with a former love behind husband Bruce's back

Still, Angie and Bruce continued to flirt wildly and Kris spotted them in the act as she and daughter Kim spied from a golf cart.

She then set up a meeting with former toyboy, Todd Waterman, who she had enjoyed an affair with while married to her childrens' father Robert.

But when cheeky Todd asked what room they were in and if Kris was 'tipsy yet?' before suggesting shots during their meeting, Kris quickly realises that the grass isn't greener.

She comes away thinking she made the right decision, and decides it's Bruce she loves.

The matriarch then wakes Bruce up to tell her how she feels, he's grumpy to be disturbed and even more annoyed when told: 'Tonight is the night that I had to meet up with Todd again.'

Cunning plan: Kim has a plan so cunning that you could put a tail on it and call it a weasel - she wants her mother to take a lie detector test

'You little w***e!' Kris doesn't want to tell Kourtney that she met up with Todd and when her eldest daughter calls her a 'wh***' you can see why

Divided: Daughter and mother are livid after Kris's confession and Kourtney dubbing her mother 'a wh***'

She then added: 'I may have been fantasising about someone for 25 years who didn't justify it.'

'What an idiot you are, I don't know if I can even trust you,' he understandably yells back at her.

Kris remains stunned that Bruce is not understanding about her secret meet up, however.

She tries to explain why meeting with Todd has given her a new perspective on him and, it should be good news for Bruce.

Bruce just asks Kris to explain why she had to see the 'a******.'

'The grass isn't always greener' Kris realised that she'd built the Todd fantasy up and wanted Bruce after all

Moment of truth: Kris is wired up to a lie detector test in her kitchen as her 'favourite daughter' Kim sits beside her

Watching her every move: Kris's daughters are engrossed in the test

When the time comes to confess to her daughters, Kris cruelly tells pregnant Kourtney to leave the room but her sisters rail against it and the eldest daughter remains.

After Kris confesses to her children, it becomes clear why she didn't want Kourtney there as she exclaims at her mother: 'What a little w***e!'

Kourtney hen adds that she feels like her mother is lying about the outcome, and her other daughters chime in with their disapproval, Kim suggests a lie detector test.

Kourtney asks 'did you touch his p**** under the table with your foot?'

To find out such edifying details, the girls enlist a polygraph specialist called Joseph who has worked with 'the Kennedys and the CIA.'

She's passed: Note that 'favourite daughter' Kim is a bit happier than Khloe and Kourtney

Ongoing enmity: Kris is amazed that Bruce is still angry, even after the test

'I want to know the truth!' Bruce is angry that Kris met Todd at all, no matter what the test said

When they tell an obviously rattled Bruce, he confides in the girls that just after he married Kris she told him: 'Never trust me.'

Bruce therefore thinks the test is a great idea, and is keen to hear the results... the girls joke that their mother will 'enjoy the attention'

The test moment arrives, and Kris is asked questions devised by her daughters.

She is asked if Kim is her favourite daughter and answers: 'Yes,' and 'no' to whether or not she has ever taken a bigger cut than she was entitled to from their deals.

She also answers in the affirmative as to whether Robert Kardashian is Khloe's real father.

Loggerheads: The atmosphere at a family meal is completely ruined by Bruce's attitude towards Kris

She's at it again: But wait, the blessed Kim has had another cunning plan...

Heartbreak Hotel? Kim decides to send her parents to this beachfront idyll so they can make up (away from the drab reality of their plush million dollar mansion)

And it's of course a no to being 'in love with Todd Waterman,' and another negative as to whether an affair is on the cards.

The affair question causes a bump on the test, but Joseph explains it is most likely the emotion of a memory recalled and Kris is judged as passing the test.

She high fives her delighted daughters, but Bruce is still unconvinced,

He wants answers about the meeting, and he says he saw the needle bouncing around.

A fine romance: With Bruce downstairs alone on the sofa watching TV, things are unlikely to get cosy

Breakthrough: But what's this? It's another cunning plan from Kim, who seems to have ALL the plot driving plans in the show, to send a photo album to the house

That's got their attention: Who knew this modest pair would want to look at pictures of themselves?

The man of the house even yells 'whopee' sarcastically after Kris pleads that the dinner made her feel better so he should be pleased.

The children make up their minds to send the parents to a beach house Malibu (after deciding they need to get away from the drab reality of their multi-million dollar mansion).

But their relationship is as rocky as the coastline... even there.

Until, that is, Kim sends a book of photographs charting their relationship in photographs jolts them into a realisation.

The pair agree to get their relationship back on track, before enjoying a romantic sunset.

Early date: The couple love this snap from the beginning of their courtship, so too will fans of the mullet

The good old days: The couple realise they don't put their relationship first and vow to do so from now on

And so they lived, happily ever after: Because that will draw loads of viewers into the show, of course


The curves that made her famous! Kim Kardashian teases in plunging blouse and skintight trousers with little room to breathe

By Ann Pride and Nadia Mendoza

Despite proclaiming it is her entrepreneurial skills or Kris Jenner's elite managing talents that catapulted her to fame, it is in fact Kim Kardashian's curves that placed in household name territory.

And the reality star showed off her infamous silhouette in a plunging red blouse this afternoon.

Kim was seen exiting a chauffeur-driven car in New York, pairing the low-cut top - complete with an attached belt to accentuate her trim waist - with fitted beige trousers and matching nude heels.

The curves that made her famous: Kim Kardashian wears swooping neckline as she heads out in New York

Her trademark slick locks hung loosely around her shoulders, with Kim even giving them a flick so that photographers could get a better snapshot of her as she stepped out of the vehicle.

Immaculate as ever, Kim executed the look with red nail polish and a full face of make-up.

Loyally pushing her television show to fans, she tweeted: 'East Coast...whose ready for Keeping Up With the Kardashian's tonight? Starts soon!!!!'

Checking they're still there: Kim looks down at the cleavage as she shows off her figure in plunging red shirt

Flick for the camera: Kim places her hair behind her back so photographers can get a good shot

She also showed support for younger half-sister Kendall, writing: 'Fun dinner with @KendallJenner & @KrisJenner! Feel like such a proud sis seeing kenny model in NY!'

Aspiring catwalk queen Kendall looked cute as a button keeping it casual in calf-cropped white tracksuit trousers and a neutral hue top tied at the waist to show off her flat stomach.

Kim, 31, looked a little more serious compared to last night's shenanigans, when she was pictured laughing and joking on the arm of her chart-topper boyfriend Kanye West.

Keeping it casual: Kendall Jenner and mother Kris dined with Kim in the Big Apple

Mum, you're so embarrassing: Kendall looked more interested in her phone than in talking to Kris

Kim squealed with laughter as Kanye escorted her to the Tony-winning Broadway musical Book of Mormon.

She ccentuated her voluptuous behind in a black velvet dress complete with a peplum - a short overskirt that drew the eye to her waist.

It may be the height of fashion but this season's peplum style is notoriously difficult to wear.

Turning over a new leaf: Cultured Kim Kardashian covered her curves in a demure black dress to take in a Broadway show on Saturday night with Kanye West

But that didn't put off the famously curvy Kim.

The demure knee-length dress, paired with two-toned stiletto heels, gave her a sophisticated air.

The brunette starlet completed the look with a gold bracelet on each arm.

Protected: A bodyguard kept close watch over Kim and Kanye as they joined the crowds in the theatre

Before heading out for the night, Kim took to Twitter to let her fans know she was back in the Big Apple.

She tweeted: 'Feels so good to be back in NYC! Fun spa day with @lorenridinger & @amberridinger! Now off to a date w my babyboo lol.'

While Kim dressed up for the night, Kanye kept things casual in white jeans, matching jacket and sweater white trainers.

Leaving so soon? A Twitter user said Kim and Kanye exited the show before it was over

Let's go: Kanye escorts Kim to a waiting carLet's go: Kanye escorts Kim to a waiting car

One of the girls: Kim tweeted this picture of herself with two friends with the caption 'Yacht life with @lorenridinger @amberridinger'

The Hollywood duo held hands as they walked into the Eugene O’Neill Theatre flanked by security.

The crowds inside the popular show took to Twitter to dish on the pair's arrival.

'Haha Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are here,' one audience member wrote adding, 'Looks like I picked the right day to see Book of Mormon again.'

Bragging rights: Kim reminded her fans that she has lots of celebrity friends by tweeting pictures of herself with Jennifer Lopez, Fergie and LaLa Vasquez

Fancy meeting you here: Kim wrote on Twitter that she bumped into her good friend Jonathan Cheban while walking the streets of New York

Another revealed the lovebirds failed to stick around for the entire show.

'At The Book of Mormon, Kim Kardashian and Kanye came in late and already left #WhereAreYouYeezy?' the person tweeted.

The Book of Mormon is a religious satire musical with a book, lyrics, and music by Trey Parker and Matt Stone, creators the animated comedy South Park, along with musician Robert Lopez.

Cruising in denim: Kanye was seen holding a DVD of crime documentary The Interrupters in New York today

Chance encounter: Kanye and Jonathan smile and shake hands


Fashion Review Part 2 of 2

Okay these gowns are not necessarily the best but for me these are the gowns that truly caught my fancy because they are unique. I am a big sucker for fabrics and anything that looks new to my eyes always keep me interested. But not all of them of course leave me positively elated. While many gowns disappointed me, here's my five fave:

1.) Miss Aruba Lucianette Verhoeks, design by Claudia Sabogal. It is pretty simple, yet fresh and appealing to the eyes. The patterns on the fabric really caught my fancy. The 3/4 sleeve leaves the whole impression of being casual but the patterns along the neckline makes it upscale.

2.) Miss Cote d'Ivoire Hadjau Helene-Valerie Djouka, design by Eloi Sessou. I like the generous use of orange in this gown which amazingly blends well with her skin tone. The fabric used which is loincloth is very much African. I love how the designer pushed the traditional into the world stage.

3.) Miss India Vanya Mishra, design by Malini Ramani. This is a clean, simple design wherein its main power is on the very traditional patterns embroidered all over. The huge slit to her right added a sexy twist.

4.) Miss South Africa Remona Moodley, design by JJ Schoeman. This may not look appealing to the many but in case you missed it, this gown has a very low back. So one has to wait for her to turn around to get the whole picture. This very metallic feel with rainbow colors forming against the light is unique on its own. Then there's the cape as a punch line.

5.) Miss Ukraine Karyna Zhyronkina, design by Kateryna Shakhovskaya. This is a sexy bodice complemented by turquoise-on-black design by the skirt. Love the beadings on the bodice which is splashed with crystals and feathers. The cut allows the sexy body of Karyna to show off.


Eye of the tiger: A lighter Josie Gibson returns to Ibiza and is back in her bikini following weight loss regime

By Fehintola Betiku and Kimberley Dadds

..Last month Josie Gibson lost a stone after she saw pictures of herself on holiday in Ibiza at the beginning of the year.

And returning to the popular celebrity holiday destination which spurred her weight loss regime, Josie looked happy as she took to the street with a group of friends.

Lapping up the sunshine with parts of their body and faces painted, Josie and her friends didn't seem to be afraid to show off their curves.

New woman: Josie Gibson was spotted in Ibiza last week as she holidayed with some friends

Showing off a new burst of confidence, Josie was spotted wearing an orange bikini top with a pair of short shorts.

The blonde who had the left side of her body painted orange with black stripes and decorated with glitter, let her hair down in loose curls which was styled in a side parting.

Josie, 27, completed her outfit with a pair of blue and white checked wedges, and a pair of hopped earrings.

In a good place: Josie seemed happy as she soaked up the sun with her friends

Wild child: The former Big Brother winner painted the left side of her body like a tiger

Earlier this year Josie shocked when she was spotted running on the sand in Ibiza sporting a much larger waistline as she unveiled all in a bikini.

But the images shocked the former Big Brother winner most of all, causing her to take action and drop the pounds.

Josie lost a stone and a half and a dress size after admitting that she had become 'a beast'

Bouncing back: The blonde donned a pair of denim shorts with an orange bikini top and wedges

Here come the girls: Josie's friends had also had their bodies painted and appeared to be in high spirits

When the bubbly TV personality saw the pictures of herself in a bright pink bikini from her holiday in May she stormed into action as she now wants to look 'hot' for the beach later this year.

Speaking to Closer magazine last month, she said: 'I’d gone out there to look at houses as I was thinking of investing in some property. The last thing I expected was to get photographed and, as far as I’m concerned, I look like a total beast.'

'I was in denial about how big I’d got, but those pictures really brought it home. I couldn’t believe it when I weighed myself and realised I was 14st and a size 16.'

Boost: Josie decided to drop weight after seeing how big she'd got while on holiday in Ibiza in May


No hard feelings then: Patriotic David Beckham watches Team GB's victory against the UAE with son Brooklyn and Prince William

By J J Anisiobi

David Beckham may have been overlooked by Stuart Pearce when it came to making the Team GB squad for the London 2012 Olympics, but the footballer certainly isn't letting the snub get him down.

The 37-year-old sportsman showed that he had no hard feelings about being left off the team as he supported his country by attended their group game last night.

David was accompanied by his 13-year-old son Brooklyn as the pair watched Team GB take on the United Arab Emirates at London's Wembley Stadium.

Still so proud: David Beckham showed his support for Team GB as he watched them play at Wembey Stadium, last night

The Los Angeles Galaxy star was treated like royalty as he was given pride of place in the stands next to Prince William, The Duke of Cambridge.

The father-of-four looked dapper in a shirt, jumper and blazer combination with his mane slicked back for the occasion.

Prior to kick-off, David and Prince William, who worked together to bring the Olympics to London, caught up as they watched the two teams prepare for the match.

Legend: David was joined by his son Brooklyn as the pair watched Team GB sweep aside the United Arab Emirates

Super stars: David, Brooklyn and Prince William stood up and applauded the opening goal scored by Ryan Giggs

Beckham had a particular interest in the match as his long term friend and former teammate Ryan Giggs was captaining the team.

And Manchester United midfielder Giggs repaid the star by scoring the opening goal in the 3-1 win for Team GB, with both David and Prince William standing up to applaud.

While David was omitted from the final squad for the 2012 Olympics, the British fans still showed him support, with many of them seen wearing Beckham masks in the crowd.

The wanted: Great Britain fans still clearly wanted to see Beckham on the pitch and one wore a David mask

Catching up: Prince William and David worked closely together in order to bring the Olympics to London

Having a laugh: David and William enjoyed the football match and each others company very much

Although he was unable to represent his country on the pitch, David has been extremely busy off it with a number of ambassadorial roles.

He carried the torch down the Thames during the opening ceremony and met The First Lady Michelle Obama at a training base in east London.

David also teamed up with boxing legend Muhammad Ali, 70, to present a very special award to Afghan refugee Matiullah Haidar at the inaugural Generation Ali Beyond Sport Award at a London reception.

Old friends: Ryan Giggs scored a goal in the 3-1 win over the UAE, in front of his former team mate David

First touch: Scott Sinclair was a second half substitute and he came on to score the second goal for Great Britain

Beckham said: 'Muhammad Ali is one of the most inspirational sportsmen of all time. He is a global icon, and he has touched so many lives.

'It is a true honour to join with him to present the Generation Ali Beyond Sport Award to one of this incredible group of young people.'

Honoured: Muhammad Ali and David Beckham presented Afghan refugee Matiullah Haidar with an award