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Monday, September 17, 2012

Kourtney Kardashian gives birth to baby Penelope by pulling her out with her hands... and the delivery is watched by her ENTIRE family

By Eleanor Gower

They are a close family, sharing everything with their television audience - and each other.

And tonight's grand finale of Keeping Up With The Kardashians was no different, with the birth of little Penelope Scotland witnessed by the entire clan.

Sisters Kim and Khloe, brother Rob, younger half siblings Kendall and Kylie, mother Kris Jenner and long-term boyfriend Scott Disick were all inside the delivery room to see Kourtney pull the little girl out with her hands.

Newborn: The birth of Kourtney's baby girl Penelope Scotland's was featured on tonight's grand finale of Keeping Up With The Kardashians

'Kourtney just loves to pull out her own children,' said Khloe after the birth.

'It's such a magical feeling to say hello to my baby girl,' said Kourtney, who remained calm throughout the delivery, although mother Kris Jenner was in tears.

'Watching my daughter give birth, it reminds me, it doesn't get better than this,' she told the cameras.

New arrival: Kourtney calmly welcomed little baby Penelope Scotland with her family watching

Watching and waiting: Kim joined her siblings and mother in the delivery room to watch the birth of Penelope Scotland

Meet the new arrival: Mason visited the hospital where he sat next to his Auntie Kim after meeting his little sister Penelope

Luckily, Kourtney's two-and-a-half year old son Mason loved his new sibling, although seemed a little confused by her name.

'Her name is Penelope,' Kourtney told Mason.

'No, her name is sister,' he replied.

Despite her calmness at the birth, Kourtney was earlier a little tearful at the prospect of the birth.

'I'm feeling very emotional and anxious. Event though I've done all this before,' she said.

Delivery time: Kourtney's whole family witnessed her giving birth in a Los Angeles hospital

Cute as a button: Penelope was welcomed by an emotional Kardashian family

Proud father: Scott Disick also kept calm throughout the birth of his second child

Hands on: Kourtney took it upon herself to help the baby out in the final stages

Eye-opening: As Kourtney was giving birth Kim was seen peering over in anticipation

Nail-biting: Kim appeared to be chewing her nails during the process

Earlier, the Kardashians celebrated the impending new arrival by holding Kourtney a swanky baby shower, complete with flamingos in the pool and pink candy floss.

Among the guests was Kim's beau Kanye West who looked slightly out of place among the hoards of women.

'It feels really good for Kanye to be here with my family,' said Kim. 'Just to see how close of a family we are. I really feel like I'm in a great relationship but I'm not going to rush it.'

Exciting moment: Kim rushed over to welcome Penelope into the world

Family affair: Kourtney's brother Rob, sister Kendall and mother Kris were all present for the event

All a bit much? At one point Kris appeared overwhelmed with emotion

She was also thrilled that sister Khloe has given her approval to the relationship after having a famously tricky time with Kim's ex Kris Humphries.

'I'm happy that you guys are finally doing your thing. You understand each other's lives,' Khloe told Kanye in a private moment at the shower, adding she thinks the match is one of 'Kim's healthiest relationships.'

Kanye responded: 'I think I'm very content. In every way.'

At the sidelines: Kourtney's sister Kylie sat in the corner with a hood over her head

Excited: Khloe could not contain her excitement during the birth

But her sister's impending second baby brought her baby making woes all the more apparent to Khloe who consulted a fertility specialist.

'Statistically if you have been trying for a year, and nothing happened, you need to take some other steps,' said Khloe. 'I don't think my family realise how hard it is for me to talk about this.'

Khloe then told husband Lamar Odom and the rest of her family that her body was not ovulating and needed to take medication and have injections to help.

'I am not ovulating,' she said. 'I now have to be put on a chemical to spark some chemical to make my body release an egg.'

Sumptuous: The Kardashians threw Kourtney a beautiful baby shower, complete with flamingos in the pool, flowers and pink balloons

Gift giving: Kourtney opened a menagerie of baby goodies at the shower, watched by mother Kris

Happy together: Kim;'s family displayed every confidence in her new relationship with Kanye West

Happy together: Kanye had a heart to heart talk with Khloe about his relationship with Kim, telling her he felt 'pretty content'

Lamar reassured Khloe, telling her that they would get through the testing time.

'Everything we get through makes us stronger,' said Khloe.

Kim was also thinking about fertility, informing her mother that she decided to freeze her eggs after much consideration.

Kris then agreed to inject her in the stomach, but initially accidentally missed the mark by injecting her in the finger instead.

Baby hopes: Khloe began fertility treatment after being told her body was not ovulating

Fertility treatment: Khloe confided her stress and worries to her husband Lamar

Hopeful for the future: Khloe told Lamar that each ordeal helps them get stronger

'I'm glad I'm freezing my eggs,' said Kim. 'I want to be prepared when the time is right. '

Meanwhile Bruce Jenner was excited about attending the Olympic trials to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the decathlon.

But he was was disappointed that Kendall and Kylie weren't interested in attending the event with him, although his sons Brandon and Brody both accompanied him there.

Planning for the future: Kris helped Kim inject herself in order to prepare her body for the egg freezing process

'Being able to see him [Bruce] around all these people who are so excited and that witnessed what he had accomplished - it was a really special moment and I will absolutely never forget that,' said Brandon

After seeing the rapturous reception from the crowd, Brandon returned to Los Angeles to advised Kendall and Kylie to have a broader outlook when it comes to their father's achievements.

They eventually agreed to accompany a Bruce to the London 2012 Olympics, much to his delight.

Memorable occasion: Bruce received a rapturous reception from the crowd at the historic Hayward Field

Show of support: Although Kendall and Kylie were absent, Bruce's son's Brandon and Brody were on hand to celebrate their father's achievements

Delighted: Bruce was delighted after Kendall and Kylie agreed to accompany him to the London 2012 Olympics



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