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Friday, May 25, 2012

Carol Vorderman shows off her curves in super tight fitting jeans and military T-shirt

By J J Anisiobi

While many Britons were busy stripping off their clothes to take advantage of the sunshine, one person stayed covered up.

Carol Vorderman was spotted leaving the ITV London Studios this afternoon in some very tight fitting clothing.

The 51-year-old defied the hot temperatures and chose to wear a pair of clingy jeans that left very little space to manoeuvre.

Looking good: Carol Vorderman sported a rather tight fitting military green top with jeans, in London, today

Carol, who found fame on the Channel 4 quiz show Countdown, looked great in the torn Diesel denim but would have perhaps felt cooler in a knee-length skirt or something looser.

She teamed her trousers with another figure hugging item of clothing which clung to her chest.

The mother-of-two showed off her curves in a lace up military green top that put extra emphasis on her ample cleavage.

Learning curve: Carol looked great in the tight fitting clothes despite suffering from the high temperatures

Loose woman: Carol had been presenting on her popular ITV daytime show before being picked up and taken home

She hid her face behind her fringe and a pair of large sunglasses and also colour coordinated her peep-toe heels.

As Carol stepped into her waiting her car, her award winning derriere was on show for all to see as she was whisked home.

Earlier this week, she revealed one of the ways she keeps her body in good shape and manages to defy the effects of time.

Fed up with wearing glasses, Carol decided to opt for laser surgery, and discovered a procedure called laser blended vision.

Rear-ly rewarding: Carol showed off her award winning derriere as she hopped into the back seat of her chauffeur driven car

With the new technique, one eye is set to see things close with just a slight blurring at distance and the other is set to see things in the distance with only a slight blurring for near vision.

Carol said: 'The brain is used to seeing things in a binocular fashion and suppressing any blurring in one or the other eye, so usually people adapt to this well.'

The procedure, which was first introduced in 2003, takes only minutes and the patient can go home 20 minutes later.

She added: 'Before my fading eyesight was affecting everything. Now I can just pick up anything and read it straight off — for me, this has been like a miracle.'



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