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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

'I was in the worst relationship of my life': Cheryl Cole reveals Craziest Things is about a teenage boyfriend who bullied her

By Sarah Fitzmaurice

..Many fans believed Cheryl Cole's latest song Craziest Things was about her failed relationship and marriage to footballer Ashley.

But now the 28-year-old has revealed the new track is actually about another ex-boyfriend, one who bullied her during her teenage years.

Cheryl explains in a new interview that the song documents an extremely negative two-year relationship she had while she was living on Newcastle's Heaton estate.

Opening up: Cheryl Cole has revealed her song Craziest Things is about a boyfriend she had when she was a teenager. The 28-year-old singer has described how he bullied her during their two year relationship

She told We Love Pop magazine: 'I was in the worst relationship of my life. We swore, we fought, we did everything it says in that song.'

'People think it's passionate and fun, but it's aggressive and wrong. I was depressed and poorly. I had to end it for my health.'

Lyrics in the track, which is a duet with says: 'We say the craziest things like I love you, hate you, don't need you, f*** you.'

The singer, whose current song Call My Name is the fastest-selling song of the year, says she can see why fans thought another track off her album Screw You was about Ashley.'

And fans aren't likely to hear Cheryl talking about her failed marriage any time soon as she has said she won't sing about her feelings for Ashley, despite splitting in 2010 amid claims he had cheated on her several times.

Yesterday Cheryl stepped out to promote her new album A Million Lights which was released on that day.

Speaking about her latest musical offering shesaid: 'It's definitely got an urban feel but there is loads of sounds on there, there's dub step on there, there is dance as you've heard with the Calvin Harris record. Even the will ( song is dubby.

'I made a real conscious effort this time to record music that was mine and that people would identify me with.'

The singer sold 152,000 copies of her new track in its first week of release to reach number one, ending the two-week reign of Diamond Jubilee anthem Sing by Gary Barlow and his Commonwealth Band.

Her lips are sealed: Cheryl has said she will not express her feelings for her ex-husband Ashley Cole in a songHer lips are sealed: Cheryl has said she will not express her feelings for her ex-husband Ashley Cole in a song



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