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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

She's with the band! Taylor Swift spotted with One Direction at X Factor final as fans brand her the group's 'Yoko Ono'

By Sylvia Mulder and Lucy Buckland

One Direction fans have hit out at Harry Style's new girlfriend Taylor Swift, viciously branding her the groups 'Yoko Ono'.

Those directioners twitter slurs, which refer to John Lenon's widow being responsible for The Beatles split in 1970, come as country singer Swift was spotted backstage at the X Factor final in Manchester.

Fans have become worried after the Never Ever Getting singer, 22, flew Harry from New York to the UK in her private jet, with the rest of the band flying on a scheduled flight - despite sources saying there was plenty of room.

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Golden couple or poison ivy? Harry Styles flew into the UK with new girlfriend Taylor Swift, he left the rest of the band and flew on Taylor's private jet

Tension reportedly starting boiling between Harry and his bandmates after he abandoned them to travel back from New York on Taylor's private jet instead.

The other four lads were mobbed by fans at the airport, which resulted in Liam getting painful injuries.

A source said: 'There was loads of room for the rest of the band in Taylor's luxury jet but he didn't even suggest they travelled together. It's not really far off from the Yoko situation.'

Star arrival: Taylor Swift, far left, walks into the Manchester Central arena with One Direction's entourage

Slumming it in first class: Zayn Malik was forced to be separated from Harry Styles after the floppy haired heartthrob flew private

Preparations: Louis Tomlinson seen with one of his entourage outside the studios

One Direction performed their latest hit at the Manchester Central arena to thousands of screaming teens.

The five heartthrobs returned to the X Factor after recently being named the biggest boyband in the world.

But despite the fact that their fans seemed to enjoy their performance, a survey has shown that the group hit the most bum notes out of everyone that performed during the final.

Homecoming: The boys of One Direction performed their latest single Kiss You during the X Factor final

Mobile text question and answer service AQA 63336 had their researcher with perfect musical pitch make a list of all the bum notes of the final.

And it seems One Direction came out on top, singing a total of 23 bum notes during their performance of Kiss You.

Harry was the worst offender, hitting eight bum notes, followed suit by Liam with seven, Zayn with five and Niall with two bum notes.

And despite only having one solo line in the song, Louis still managed to hit one bad note.

Bum notes: A survey has concluded the boyband hit the most bum notes out of everyone that performed during the finale extravaganza

Not so pitch perfect, boys: Harry Styles was the worst offenders, singing 8 bum notes out of their total 23

Meanwhile winner James came out on top with the least bum notes out of everyone, even outperforming Rita Ora, Kelly Clarkson and his own mentor Nicole Scherzinger.

But despite note being a hundred percent pitch perfect, One Direction still managed to delight the audience with their energetic performance.

Running around on stage followed by colourful laserlights, the stars were cheered on by the 10,000 fans in the arena.

Not so easy on the ears: Louis hit one bum note during his small solo, but Niall didn't do much better

But they're pretty: The boys did entertain the audience with their energetic performance that saw them running around on stage

And the five lads were clearly thrilled James took home the victory, even admitting on stage he was their favourite.

Niall took to his Twitter account to congratulate the new winner, writing: 'Xfactor was great tonight! So good to be back home!. Also congrats James! This dude is gone be huge.'

The stars only recently returned from New York, where they performed a sold-out gig at the prestigious Madison Square Garden venue.

Their recent album, Take Me Home, topped the charts in over 30 countries, including the UK and the US.

Popular lads: They were recently named the biggest boyband in the world, as they're second album hit the number one spot in 30 countries

James for president! The boys publicly backed James Arthur and were delighted he won

Just let me kiss you: One Direction fans clearly weren't bothered by the bum notes and enjoyed their performance regardless

VIDEO: Apparently this One Direction performance had MOST bum notes any X Factor final



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