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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

That was awkward: Katy Perry and her father attend the same basketball game as ex husband Russell Brand

By J J Anisiobi

It's that awkward moment that nobody ever wants to happen, but it inevitably did for Katy Perry and Russell Brand.

The ex-husband and wife both turned up to watch the Los Angeles Lakers take on the Dallas Mavericks at the Staples Center, in California, on Tuesday night.

The former star crossed lovers tried to play it cool as they must have been aware that they were on a collision course to bump into each other.

Too close: Katy Perry and her father Keith Hudson went to watch a basketball match on Tuesday night, and Russell Brand was there too

No way: Russell Brand looked a little pensive during the match at the Staples Center

While Katy, 28, had some emotional support for the confrontation in the shape of her father Keith Hudson, Russell, 37, was flanked by two young boys.

Brand was certainly not dressed for the occasion and let himself down in his typically casual wear.

He wore a pair of skinny grey jeans with a sleeveless grey top and a black leather waist coat.

Oh my goodness: Katy sat open mouthed as she hung out with her father Keith Hudson

Game over: Katy looked like she had realised Russell was in the arena as she nervously bit her nails

Look over here: Katy showed her father something hilarious on the jumbotron

Just hilarious: Katy applauded wildly as many of the people around her also found the Jumbotron funny

Joining in: Katy appeared to be having fun as she watched the cheerleaders

Katy, on the other hand, looked amazing as she showed her ex exactly what he has been missing by slipping into a tight dress.

She showed off her curves in a violet leopard skin print dress and wore her hair down over her shoulders with a centre parting.

Despite her scene stealing outfit, Katy looked a little nervous as she sat biting her nails while watching the basketball game.

Feeling the strain: Katy stretched out her body as Russell tried to play it cool while watching the game

Follow the leader: Russell attended the game with two young boys and spent the evening passing on some words of wisdom

Light refreshment: Katy made sure she stayed hydrated with an ice cool beverage

Go team: The Fireworks singer cheered and whooped her way through the game after relaxing

Guess who I've seen: Russell also spent some time texting on his brand new iPhone 5

Russell seemed equally tense and played around on his phone in between passing on some words of wisdom to his young friends.

Eventually, however, Katy got into the swing of things and was cheering and whooping her way through the match.

The Teenage Dream singer even enjoyed a beer as she spent some quality time with her father.

Here come the boys: David Beckham was also at the game with Robbie Keane, far left, and Adam Levine

Things that make you go hmm: David and Adam held almost identical poses as they sat court side

Funny guy: Adam told some hilarious jokes that had David cracking up as he tried to hold back his laughter

In Russell's time of need there was only one man who could help him get over the awkward situation - David Beckham.

The English footballer was sitting court side with LA Galaxy team mate Robbie Keane and was looking pretty sharp.

Beckham was at his dapper best in a dark grey suit as he sat next to The Voice judge Adam Levine and his girlfriend.

Caesar is not amused: As Robbie Keane told David a story, the footballer looked less than interested

That's what friends are for: Russell got some much needed emotional support from Beckham and Keane

Brand, who was pictured recently hanging out with Victoria Beckham, was happy to see his friend and gave David a big hug.

With his two wing men by his side, Russell had a renewed sense of confidence and posed for pictures on the court.

After the game was over Katy, fresh with some new inspiration, headed straight to a recording studio to lay down some vocals.

Look into my eyes: Russell held a deep conversation with his football friend, perhaps getting advice on his current predicament

Famous friends: Russell got his celebrity soccer mates to pose for a photograph

Over and out: Katy was seen arriving at a recording studio straight after she left the Staples Center



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