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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

That ticket was DEFINITELY worth it! Stars' homes tour bus treated to sight of David Beckham in a pair of briefs as they interrupt underwear shoot

By Nadia Mendoza and Louise Saunders

It's almost a requirement on a first trip to Los Angeles - a bus tour of movie stars' homes.

And those who paid out for a tour around Beverly Hills yesterday cetainly got their money's worth, when they stumbled across the rare sight of David Beckham wearing just a pair of pants as he shot a new underwear campaign for H&M.

The footballer grinned sheepishly as he caught sight of the bus, which appeared to be full of tourists, while making a dash for his car following the shoot.

What a treat! A tour bus going around movie stars' homes in LA on Tuesday were treated to the sight of David Beckham wearing just a pair of pants as he shot a new underwear campaign in location in Beverly Hills

Beckham, who was wearing just a small pair of dark green underpants, shared a joke with the busload as he was spotted on location in Beverly Hills, California.

He was later spotted making a dash back through the undergrowth to the shoot location.

On Monday, the 37-year-old confessed that he favours 'tighty-whities' over more loose-fitting boxers.

Fancy seeing you here! The bus, which appeared to be full of tourists, just so happened to be rolling past the shoot

Sheepish: A clearly embarrassed David managed a smile for the bus as he dashed to his waiting car

He's off again! Shortly afterwards, Becks was spotted making a dash back through the undergrowth and to the shoot

Speaking at the Time Warner Cable Sportsnet launch in El Segundo, David told Celebuzz: 'I mean, I like tighty-whities. Someone asked me about tighty whities the other day, and I love them!

'They’re comfortable. I think they feel great, especially when you’re playing soccer, as well. It’s [comfortable]. But I wear boxers as well.'

David's debut Bodywear collection introduced nine underwear styles when it launched in February.

Letting it all hang out: David Beckham runs around in his briefs for a H&M photoshoot in Beverly Hills

You're not playing footie now! David seemed keen to strike a goal in an imaginary net

The collection was designed by David’s in-house team and sold exclusively at H&M, with the focus on 'fit, function, comfort and design' across the range of briefs, boxers, vests, T-shirts and pyjamas.

David also opened up about his adorable 15-month-old daughter Harper at the event, explaining she is a 'good mix' of both he and his fashion designer wife Victoria.

Speaking at the Time Warner SportsNet launch party, he added to Us Weekly: 'She's great. She's been running around for a few months now, so we're all chasing her and catching her when she falls. It's great to have another lady in the house.

Selection of body art: David showed off his large array of inkings, which cover both of his arms as full sleeves

An insight into what Victoria sees... David has collaborated with H&M for two campaigns

'She kicks a ball around, but she also carries handbags.'

Meanwhile, wife Victoria has provided plenty of giggles within the One Direction camp after Liam Payne revealed the moment he first met the singer-turned-fashion designer.

The pair came face-to-face at the London Olympic Games closing ceremony, where the What Makes You Beautiful hitmaker attempted to plant a kiss on Victoria's cheek.

Me and my ball! David explained his adorable daughter Harper is a 'good mix' of both he and wife Victoria

Speaking of the incident, Liam said: 'It suddenly dawned on me as we were waiting to perform that I was sat in a math class at school when it was announced that London was hosting the Games.

'Then, suddenly we are up there singing to the stadium. I couldn't believe it.
'I met Victoria Beckham and tried to play it cool by giving her a kiss on both

cheeks. She just recoiled a bit and looked shocked after the first kiss. I don't think she really wanted that kind of greeting.'

Liam told Examiner: 'Louis Tomlinson from our band stood next to me p***ing himself.'



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