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Sunday, October 7, 2012

'Oh s**t, I should probably rap now': Jay-Z joins wife leather-clad Beyoncé onstage (but gets a little distracted by his wife's outfit)

By Daily Mail Reporter

They are obviously still Crazy In Love for each other and liked to be involved in each others' work as much as possible.

So perhaps this what Jay-Z was thinking when he asked wife Beyoncé to perform onstage with him in New York on Saturday.

However, he probably didn't bank on getting so distracted by his wife's leather-clad body that he missed his cue as she performed a couple of songs.

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The couple who work together...: Beyoncé was distracting her husband in her tight leather outfit

Looking every inch the curvy superstar, mother-of-one Beyoncé, performed her song Diva before Jay-Z joined her for Crazy In Love and Young Forver.

Although crowds were waiting for Jay-Z to come in the Crazy In Love sondtrack after the rapper, 42, became so distracted watching his wife on the monitors backstage he was heard saying: 'Oh s**t, I should probably rap here.'

And when the song was finished as Beyoncé walked off the stage, Jay-Z gave her playful slap on the derriere.

Chemistry: The pair sizzled onstage as they performed together

Distracting: Beyoncé almost made her husband miss his cue as they performed at the Barclays Cener in New York

All that glitters: Jay-z wouldn't be anywhere without his gold watch, necklace and gold bottle of champagne

When the song was through Beyoncé exited the stage, but not before hubby Hov gave her a playful slap on the behind.

Beyonce was back onstage for Young Forever, wearing skin-tight, black leather pants and a stylish black motorcycle jacket.

The couple even shared a kiss before they exited off stage while the hometown crowd cheered on.

VIDEO: Crazy in love! Jay-Z and Beyoncé on stage together



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