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Monday, September 3, 2012

'She said some unforgivable things': Kim Kardashian alienates her family during heated and tearful therapy session

By Amelia Proud

We left America's most famous family in the midst of a painful therapy session last week that had seen the last Kardashian male, young Rob, collapse in floods of tears.

We picked up at the same point tonight with the most caring sister, Khloe, comforting her brother as he sobbed into a towel.

'All I care about is saying yes to my mom,' Robert managed to choke out as Kim told her sibling that he needs to take responsibility.

Emotional: Kim Kardashian broke down in tears as she tried to tackle her brother's alienation then made her siblings turn against her

But she still broke down as she wondered out loud if the late Robert Kardashian Sr. would have offered Rob Jr more support.

Sobbing, Kim admitted that she thinks Kris Jenner doesn’t know how to raise boys, and that their late father is needed.

Then she added that she hates the fact they blame their momager for everything, despite her working so hard for the sisters.

It seemed as if a family breakthrough was taking place, as the various members bonded over Rob and Kris's plight but then the atmosphere turned sour.

Angry: Khloe and Rob were livid about Kim's attitude in the therapy session

Breakdown: Kim manages to offer helpful contributions but then distances herself from her brother and sister

Kim was asked what age she was when her father died, and if she coped well.

The 31-year-old, who is dating Kanye West, said she was 22 and said that she felt she held it together the best, even talking at his funeral and added: 'None of them would've been able to.'

She also explained she was the last still working in her father's office as his cancer worsened, but Khloe interjected to say she was there too.

Kim is adamant that she wasn't, and accused her little sister of lying.

'You lie invalidate every one else,' she spat at Khloe, 28.

Mom-to-be: Pregnant Kourtney became emotional but didn't involve herself in the argument

'You're a liar': Kim was harsh to Khloe over a misunderstanding relating to the period when their father died

She then lost the whole group's sympathy by taking on a supercilious attitude and insisting that she had somewhere else to be.

Khloe and Rob shared an angry look as their sister brushed off the concerns.

Meanwhile, Kendall and Kylie are having a meeting with Seventeen Magazine in New York.

They're west coast contributors to the magazine and are finding hard to balance work and school.

They want to be home schooled but Kris won't allow it, despite the pretty sisters machinations.

Khloe, Kourtney, and Kim rush from the therapy session to film Jimmy Kimmel Live together.

But Khloe is still livid and is heard referring to some of Kim’s comments in therapy as 'unforgivable.'

'She doesn't know how to raise boys': Kim explained how her mother is great with the sisters but that she Rob probably needed his late father

Back up: Kim still has Kanye, and a flash up of their MTV Award skit is featured

Kim alights on the businesslike approach of sending her siblings an email to make amends for the row, but they are all appalled by the impersonal touch and ignore her.

Kim thinks it’s rude that her siblings won’t email her back and accept her apologies but her mother says that while it's understandable that Kim is starting to break away from the group, she has to understand how it feels to the others.

Kim eventually confronts her siblings about the email that they ignored.

Rob says he didn’t reply because he couldn’t tell her what she wanted to hear without lying and Kim decides she wants Rob to feel motivated so that he can start participating in the family businesses.

Getting serious: Kanye is already in the frame to be the next Mr Kim

Advice: Kris urges Kim to sort things out with their siblings

Khloe and Kim decide that Khloe has taken on some false memories because she is so much younger.

Kim also invites herself on a trip with Khloe and Lamar to Queens while they’re in New York.

'Be like Kimmy from the block,' Khloe ordered her.

Rob and Scott have a meeting with Bruno, the man who helped the sisters launch their clothing line.

Scott wants to help Rob succeed in business, but is disappointed that Rob didn’t shower or change out of his sweats for the meeting.

Kris then tells Bruce that Kris Humphries has subpoenaed Kanye West.

Lamar returns to Lincoln Park, the first basketball court he ever won on. Lamar says that he stayed in the park after his mother died when he was 12, and that the neighborhood watched over him during his transition.

Plan: Kendall and Kylie want to be home schooled so they can focus on their work

Back to his roots: Lamar heads back to where it all began with his sister-in-law and wife in tow



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