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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

'I've lost control': Imogen Thomas admits she's struggling with pregnancy weight gain as she poses for unairbrushed photoshoot

By Hanna Flint Imogen Thomas has revealed she has 'lost control of her body' after becoming pregnant. Far from embracing the lumps and bumps that come with impending motherhood, the former beauty queen says that she hates the cellulite and stretchmarks that comes with having a baby. The glamour model who is five months pregnant says she has gained a stone and feels out of control especially when making her food choices.
Out of control Imogen Thomas hates the way her size 10 body has ballooned out of shape Speaking to Now Magazine, the former Big Brother contestant said, ‘I know it’s natural and it’s just my body preparing for childbirth, but I hate how big I’m getting!' 'I’ve always been a control freak about my body, but now I’ve definitely lost control... I’m eating crisps every single day and I’ve got a whole cupboard full of chocolate, biscuits and crisps. My boyfriend saw it and said he was disgusted!' Before Imogen, 29, found out she was pregnant, she always thought her favourite part of having a baby was a growing tummy: 'I always said if I got pregnant I’d love a big belly...[but] I’ve got a tilted womb so it pushes the baby out so I look bigger.'
"Baby wants them": Glamour model Imogen says that her boyfriend is disgusted at the amount of crisps and sweets she's eating Demi Moore, Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson are just a handful of celebrity mothers who have displayed a proud pregnancy figure on the covers of magazines. But for Imogen, a former size 10 who weighed 9 stone, is all too aware of where her baby weight is going:
'I’m putting on weight on my sides and I’ve got bingo wings. It’s depressing. And my hips have got a lot wider. I tried my jeans on the other day and I couldn’t even get them half way up my leg! 'I’m really scared about my stretchmarks, too.' Imogen's modelling agency seem just as concerned for her career, telling the soon-to-be mother that unless she can get her body back in shape it's doubtful she could return to modelling. This is a scenario Imogen is all too aware of, as she points out, 'I'm nearly 30 and I'm competing with 18-year olds'. Today Imogen shot down reports that she hated her baby bump via Twitter: 'THE @TheSunNewspaper 2DAY IT SAYS I HATE MY BABY BUMP.THIS IS TOTALLY UNTRUE.I LOVE MY BABY BUMP SO MUCH AND IT CLEARLY SAYS THAT IN @NOWMAG' But with another 4 months to go before her due date, it's no surprise that the model has already cooked up a post-pregnancy plan of action: 'I want my size 10 body back within four weeks. As soon as the baby’s born, I’ll be on a diet and working out like mad every single day as much as I can... I want to be a yummy mummy.' And Imogen's obsession to get her svelte figure back means that if 'every diet under the sun' doesn't give her a flat stomach, than she would 'never say never' to going under the knife. However, these body image concerns aren't new to Imogen who says she's been 'called fat everyday of [her] life by bullies.' Sadly, the former beauty queen's weight issues seem to have placed added pressure on her who already worries about giving birth: 'I’m really scared – I keep thinking I’m going to die! I’ve read a lot of stuff where things can go wrong. I don’t mind a bit of pain, it’s natural and everyone deals with it differently.'
'I don't believe in marriage': Although Imogen Thomas says she and boyfriend Andy Horsley will move intogether after the birth, there are no plans to wed just yet. By her side is boyfriend Adam Horsley, 26, a city trader who Imogen has only been dating for a year. The couple plan on moving in together after the birth but as yet there are no plans to tie the knot, with Imogen saying she 'doesn't believe in marriage.' Read the full feature in Now magazine, out today. source:dailymail


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