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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Look what you're missing Kris! Kim Kardashian tweets sexy beach picture... a year after ill-fated wedding

By Lizzie Smith

If things had gone differently today would have seen Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries holed up in a luxury resort, celebrating their first wedding anniversary.

As things stand Kim is indeed happily ensconced in a beachside Paradise, but instead of her husband the man at her side is Kanye West.

And in a non-too-veiled message to the man she hopes will soon be her ex-husband, Kim tweeted a provocative picture of herself crawling out of the surf.

Look what you're missing! Kim Kardashian celebrates her first wedding anniversary to Kris Humphries with a 'sandy beach day' picture, posted on her Twitter page

Kim was dressed in a swimsuit, wet hair slicked back as she pulled her sexiest face.
'Sandy beach day,' the 31-year-old wrote, making it clear she wasn't pining for her ex.

Instead Kim has been busy supporting her new beau Kanye, 36, who has been recording a new album in Hawaii.

Her role has seen her dressing up in clothes that display her famous curves, popping out for frozen yoghurt and riding alongside Kanye in his black Ferrari.

Supportive girlfriend: Kim is currently in Hawaii, where she is 'helping' Kanye West record his new album with daily visits to the recording studio, and frequent pit stops for frozen yoghurt

He, meanwhile, has dedicated one of the songs on his new album to his girlfriend and her famous curves. The track is entitled 'Perfect B****', apparently meant as a compliment.

The pair's relationship developed after the end of Kim's ill-fated marriage, which saw her file for divorce last October, a mere 72-days after she exchanged her vows with Kris.

Kim and Kris, who became engaged in May last year after dating for six months, married in a lavish ceremony which was documented in a spin off reality TV show 'Kim’s Fairytale wedding'.

Happy anniversary! Kim posted this message on her blog today

Their marriage breakdown was shown on Kourtney and Kim Take New York which subsequently aired in January.

Kim made three costume changes during the course of the celebrations - each dress an opulent $20,000 Vera Wang creation; she also wore a reported $10million worth of jewellery for the event.

Another $2million was reportedly spent on the flowers alone, though it is believed the family more than made back their outlay, as they ended up earning $17.9million from the wedding due to coverage deals.

New love: After her brief marriage to Kris Humphries, left, Kim is now dating Kanye West, right

The Brooklyn Nets player is currently seeking an annulment of his marriage, claiming it was staged for Kim's reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

A court date has been set for November, meaning the couple's divorce in unlikely to be settled before next year.



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