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Thursday, July 19, 2012

That didn't take long! Plastic surgery fan Kerry Katona slips into a white bikini to show off the results of her tummy tuck

By Holly Thomas

She revealed recently that even after a figure-transforming tummy tuck, she still feels self-conscious about baring her body.

But it looks as though Kerry Katona is finally rediscovering her old confidence.

The 31-year-old looked relaxed and comfortable on holiday in Mallorca this week.

Celebrating her new figure: Kerry Katona looked relaxed and comfortable on holiday in Mallorca this week

She showed off her new physique in a Bond girl-style white bikini, and sipped champagne as she lounged around on a yacht off Mood Beach with her family.

Kerry, who was staying at the Lindner hotel, appeared in far brighter spirits than she has done in recent months, and seemed full of energy as she skipped about the boat.

At one point she playfully sprayed her daughters Molly and Lilly-Sue with a hose while they sat in a motor boat.

Not so body-conscious: Kerry showed off her new figure in a white Bond girl-style bikini

She clearly had a fantastic time- and was keen to let fans know that her children had as well.

Kerry tweeted: 'Molly and Lilly have had the best time ever xxxxx'

Ruefully, she added: 'Omg we've had the most amazing time on holiday coming home tomorrow back to the s***** weather xxxxx'.

Proud of her shape: Kerry recently said that she was still unhappy with her body after a tummy tuck, but she looked content on holiday

The reality star recently showed off her new honed figure by donning a revealing black catsuit for a Now magazine photo shoot.

Kerry Katona shows off her ample cleavage in the plunging outfit as well as showing off her recent liposuction in the tight-fitting outfit.

Kerry opens up about her ex-husbands Brian McFadden and Mark Croft in the accompanying interview for the magazine.

Family fun: Kerry tweeted that her daughters Molly and Lilly had the best time ever

Speaking about former cabbie Mark who she split from in 2010 she had some rather scathing comments.

She explained: 'It makes me feel physically sick when I think about him. It feels awful he fact I was married to him.'

'He was just a sperm donor [to her youngest children Heidi, five and Max, four],' she continued.

Looking to a brighter future: Kerry posted yesterday 'Life is about ignoring the drama'

'I haven't spoken to him since 19 February.'

Kerry was slightly less disparaging about her first husband and former Westlife singer Brian.

The mother-of-four claims that she is struggling to provide for her children and she just wants her first husband to pay the school fees.

Mum's driving Kerry appeared to relish being behind the wheel of the motor boat

She noted: 'He bought his fiancée a huge rock of a ring. He pulled up in a Ferrari to do an interview.

'Yet here's me struggling to give our kids the best education possible.... it's sick.'



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