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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

'The diet starts now!' Big Brother's Josie Gibson vows to lose weight after seeing holiday pictures of herself two stone heavier

By Sarah Bull

'The diet starts now!' Josie Gibson has returned to her size 16 body and has told friends she is determined to get back to a size 12 after seeing these holiday pictures of herself

She lost three stone in just three months last year, slimming down to a size 12.

But it seems former Big Brother winner Josie Gibson has fallen off the diet wagon, as pictures of the star on holiday in Ibiza earlier this year show.

The 27-year-old star is now back up to a size 16, and is said to have told friends that she is desperate to shed the pounds once again after seeing the images of herself in a hot pink bikini on the sunshine break.

A source told Closer magazine: 'Josie cried after seeing holiday snaps of herself on the beach. She feels embarrassed she has got big again, and said, "I'm devastated when I look in the mirror - it makes me cringe.'

Last January, after following a diet which saw low-calorie meals delivered to her directly, Josie lost three stone in three months - taking her from 16.5 stone to 13.5 stone.

She then regained some of the weight in March after splitting from boyfriend, and fellow Big Brother star, John James Parton.

Disappointed: Josie is said to have told friends that she is really cross she had let the weight creep back on

Soaking up the sunshine: Josie wore a hot pink bikini as she enjoyed the warm weather in Ibiza

However, by September, Josie had succeeded in losing the weight again, and was at her lightest of 12.5stone.

But after breaking her ankle in February, Josie has since gained two stone, and now weighs 14.5stone.

The source added: 'Everything seemed to go wrong at once with her diet. She'd probably gained weight over Christmas anyway, bit the injury derailed her exercise routine.

Changing shapes: Josie has gained two stone since last year, when she showed off her bikini body as a size 12

'And with work needing to be done on her new house in Bristol, she's been living on burgers and chips, KFC, pizzas, kebabs and ice-cream.

'She can't believe she's allowed herself to pile on the weight again, and she's desperate to slim down.'

Now Josie is said to have told friends and fiancé Luke Sanwo that she is determined to get back down to a size 12 ahead of her wedding, vowing, 'The diet starts now!'

The source added: 'Josie is launching herself into exercise. She's not allowed to run yet, but she wants to start gently exercising at least three times a week and has banned junk food.'

Messing around: Josie had apparently been struggling to stick to her diet and exercise regime after breaking her ankle in February

Deep in thought: Josie is thought to have vowed to friends that she will be a size 12 bride when she weds fiancé Luke



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