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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

'We all knew he was seeing Dannii... she wanted to be his mistress': Sharon Osbourne says Simon's affair was no secret

By Nadia Mendoza

Despite her ongoing feud with Dannii Minogue which caused her to leave the show in 2008 - it is Simon Cowell who Sharon Osbourne is angry with now over news of his affair broke last weekend.

The former X Factor judge is fuming that the Syco boss is dragging her into a 'world of debauchery', and has blasted Dannii for her sole reason of taking part in the show as being to 'f*** Simon'.

In a new tell-all book, Simon insinuates Sharon left because of his romance with Dannii, but the mother-of-three insists it was because the Australian singer became 'unbearable'.

Divided: Sharon Osbourne formed an alliance with Louis Walsh after Dannii Minogue and Cowell grew close

Sharon told The Mirror: 'Dannii wanted to be the mistress of Simon - and the mistress of X Factor.

'But I didn’t leave the show because Simon and Dannii were f******, I left because she became unbearable. She started bossing everyone around, even the producers.'

Life in La La Land: Sharon was spotted with husband Ozzy during a breakfast outing in Calabasas

Sharon insists the affair 'wasn't a secret' and is bemused why it was kept private as he had already split from Terri Seymour - whose connections to Cowell later landed her a job on US show Extra.

She added: 'All Dannii wanted to do was f*** Simon Cowell. That’s why she was on the show.'

The 59-year-old also claims Simon was seeing an additional two girls during his romance with fiancée Mezhgan Hussainy.

The other ladies of his affections are glamour model Jasmine Lennard - a former contestant on Rachel Hunter's reality show Make Me A Supermodel - and make-up artist Julia Carta.

Sharon said that while she's not 'Simon’s mother' and the book is 'none of my business', she is annoyed to be 'dragged into his little world of debauchery' years after leaving X Factor.

The biography, by Tom Bower, is said to be unauthorised despite Simon inviting the investigative journalist aboard his private yacht and providing an access-all-areas pass on his debut season of X Factor USA.

Even Cowell’s own spokesman criticised his decision to work with Bower.

Max Clifford said: 'My attitude is you don’t talk to someone like Bower.

'He’s only looking for controversial stuff.'

Sharon claims to have been approached by Bower too, but refused to contribute.

United front: The girls hold hands for the camera in October 2007

In the book, The Intimate Life Of Simon Cowell, the 52-year-old womaniser reveals: 'When I sit next to one (Dannii or Sharon), the other one sulks. I have to try to give each one equal attention.'

Cheryl Cole is said to be 'totally betrayed' after being painted as a manipulator who acts like a victim.

Even Simon seems to be having second thoughts, taking to Twitter at the the weekend to say: 'Just seen the TV ad for the unauthorised book on me. Yikes!'

Frosty: The body language between the women in July 2007 was often uncomfortable



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