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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

'I'm a more realistic size now': Weathergirl Clare Nasir shows off healthier bikini figure after dropping (and then gaining) weight

By Alanah Eriksen

She dramatically lost three stone after unflattering pictures emerged of her working out in a green bikini.

But a year after her raid weight loss, which saw her slim down to 7st, 7lbs, Clare Nasir looks a more healthier size.

The ITV weathergirl showed off her size eight figure in a pink bikini while holidaying with her DJ husband, Chris Hawkins and their two-year-old daughter Sienna.

In the pink: ITV weathergirl, Clare Nasir showed off a healthier size eight figure while holidaying in Barbados, having gained 7lbs

The 41-year-old ballooned to a size 16, at 10st, 5lbs, after Sienna was born in 2009

But she embarked on a strict high-protein and low-sugar diet in July 2010 which saw the weight fall away and by September of that year she had a fitness DVD out.
Clare says that since August, she has gone up to 8st.

Changing shape: Unflattering pictures of Clare working out in July 2010, after the birth of her daughter, inspired her to drop three stone, going down to 7st, 7lbs, but has gained 7lbs for a more healthy figure

Speaking about her new size, the mother-of-one told Closer magazine: 'I look better for it.

'It's a more realistic weight to maintain. In a way, it's harder to keep it off than lose it.'

She keep sup her figure by sticking to six small, healthy meals a day, such as salads and egg-white omelets, only allowing herself treats at the weekends.

Keeping fit: Clare said she still exercised for 20 minutes a day while on holiday, doing gym work and power-walking

Family time: Clare holidayed with her DJ husband Chris Hawkins and their two-year-old daughter Sienna

'If I want carbs I have a quinoa or sweet potato, which are healthier. For a snack I'll have a skinny latte with a cinnamon on top.'

She told the magazine she exercised for 20 minutes a day while on holiday, going to the gym, doing press-ups and power walking.

'I'm in the same bikini as last year, which is a great feeling.

'It's a constant struggle and, after working so hard to lose the weight originally, I don't want to go back.'

Me and my girl: Clare shares a laugh with her daughter in the sea

A well-earned break: The 41-year-old enjoys a swim, worlds away from her day job



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