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Monday, October 31, 2011

'I want to have a hysterectomy': Pregnant Man Thomas Beatie reveals his giving birth days are over

By Rachel Quigley

Exclusive: Thomas Beatie and his wife Nancy will appear on The Doctors tomorrow with their three kids to talk about life after pregnancy

The 'Pregnant Man' Thomas Beatie is putting his giving birth days behind him.

In an exclusive interview with The Doctors, in which Mr Beatie talks about becoming a man, giving birth and life after childbirth, he reveals that he has given birth to his last baby and is considering having a hysterectomy.

Having been born a woman, Mr Beatie legally became a man in 2002 but did not have his female reproductive organs removed.

He hit headlines around the world as the first 'pregnant man' with his bearded face and protruding belly.

He now has three children with his wife Nancy - Susan, Austin and Jensen.

It was his wife who breastfed their babies as he had his removed in the operation.
His male hormones also stopped him from producing milk.

Transformation: Thomas Beatie, shown left when he was pregnant with his first child in 2008, shows off his muscular physique in July, a year after giving birth to his third child, Jensen, also pictured,

Brood: Thomas Beatie now has three children, Susan, three, Austin, two, and Jansen, who turned one earlier this year. He gave birth to all three naturally

But during each pregnancy, he had to go off his male hormones for the health of the child.

The transgender dad will reveal on The Doctors tomorrow that the impact going off the hormones had on his body is more than he wants to go through again.

A hysterectomy will help stabilise him medically as a male, according to RadarOnline.

Mr Beatie and his entire brood will come together to talk about their non-traditional family and how they have coped with the death threats, the stares and the struggle to make ends meet after his business suffered because of prejudice against his decision to become the world's first transgender dad.

He will talk about how people have reacted to the transgendered dad and his family and also discusses the medical complications that come from years of hormone treatments and bearing three children.

Happy families: Mr Beatie talks about life after birth and said though he loves his three children, he thinks his giving birth days are over

Husband and wife: Thomas and his wife Nancy, right, discuss their struggles of trying to live a normal life

A day out: Thomas Beatie and his family have a day at Grona Lund amusement park in August this year

Though he discusses how difficult it was to get his body back to its pre-pregnancy state, Mr Beatie was pictured earlier this year with beginnings of a six-pack - though there was evidence of stretch marks on his taut physique.

Mr Beatie was born as a woman, Tracy Lagondino, in Hawaii in 1974, but says he always felt like he wanted to be a man.

When he was in his twenties began having testosterone injections, giving him facial hair, a lower voice and altering his sexual organs.

In 2002 he had a mastectomy and legally became a man - but he chose to keep his vagina, uterus and other female sexual organs so the couple could have children, as his wife had had a hysterectomy.

The couple moved to Arizona from their home in Bend, Oregon, after their house was repossessed last year.

He said his successful T-shirt printing business, Define Normal, folded because of his fame. He said: 'We tried to keep up with regular orders, but we lost a lot of customers because of prejudice, and then the economy took a huge downturn.'

In March Mr Beatie revealed he had filed for bankruptcy and was desperately seeking a job to get his family off welfare handouts and pay his $5,000-a-month mortgage.

He tried to appear on celebrity dance show Dancing with the Stars this year but was pipped to the post by transgender contestant Chaz Bono.

He told TMZ that Cher's daughter-turned-son 'stole his thunder' as producers did not think there was room for two transgender contestants.



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