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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Do you really need those? Joey Essex looks bemused as he examines Chloe Sims's breast enhancing 'chicken fillets'

By Georgina Littlejohn

She proudly showed off her breasts over the summer after she had them enhanced from a 34D to a 34EE.

So why on earth would Chloe Sims need to use silicone 'chicken fillets' in her bra for her already rather ample bosom?

A question that her cousin Joey Essex looked like he was pondering as he met up with the model yesterday - and examined her breast enhancing accessories.

What on earth is that? TOWIE's Joey Essex looks bewildered as his cousin Chloe Essex hands him one of her breast enhancing 'chicken fillets'

The TOWIE stars were snapped filming some scenes for the third series of the reality TV show in a bar in Essex when Chloe, 29, decided to whip one of the silicone enhancers out of her bra.

She held it up to a bemused Joey who then took it and examined it as they had a drink together at The Queen's Rooms cafe and wine bar in Buckhurst Hill.

He appeared to shake the chicken fillet - called so because of they way it looks - by his fingertips as he asked his cousin questions about it.

But why do you need them? As Joey examined the silicone accessories, he asks his cousin some questions about them

They feel weird! Joey seems to find the whole thing rather amusing as he dangles the chicken fillet from his fingertips

Possibly one of them might have been why she felt the need to wear them beneath her already buxom shape when they are worn mostly by flatter-chested women who want some proper enhancement.

But it is probably because despite her eye-popping size breasts, Chloe still doesn't think they're big enough - which would explain why she wears the chicken fillets in her bra.

Chloe had her breasts enlarged in July to take her from a 34D cup size to a 34EE but she said she wasn't happy with the results.

Are they in place? Chloe and her wardrobe assistant check to make sure her bust is looking its best

Not because the surgery didn't go well but because she would have liked to match Katie Price's former FF breasts.

Speaking to Reveal magazine,she said: 'I would have liked to have had boobs are big as Jordan's used to be, but medically I couldn't this time.

I haven't got a lot of skin on my chest and the surgeon told me that I'd literally be able to see then implant through it. I wanted to go big but I didn't want them to look ugly for the sake of the size.

'Jordan's boobs are really nice now but they were great when they were bigger. They looked and moved like natural breasts - especially impressive after having three children.'

Stopping traffic: Chloe shows exactly why the chicken fillets are so effective as she waits for a cab



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