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Monday, June 20, 2011

Meet the newest (and oldest) member of the Kardashian clan... Kim's grandmother MJ as the girls go shopping in Beverly Hills

By Daily Mail Reporter

Is that another sister? Kim Kardashian was seen out shopping with her grandmother MJ in Beverly Hills yesterday

The Kardashians are all about the family and yesterday Kim demonstrated that she believes in the mantra as much as any other member.

The model, reality TV star and businesswoman introduced her grandmother to the cameras as the girls enjoyed a spot of shopping in Beverly Hills yesterday.

Kim and her maternal grandmother Mary, who she refers to as MJ, were seen leaving William Sonoma after adding some more items to her growing wedding list.

It had been suggested that the second oldest Kardashian daughter would pay tribute to her late father Robert by getting married to her fiance Kris Humphries on father's day yesterday but in actual fact Kim spent the day shopping.

Kim's grandmother MJ looked younger than her years and sported the female member's of the family's signature dark hair.

Now wave gran! Kim showed her grandmother just how to deal with the awaiting fans as they added more gifts to her wedding register

She opted for a black trouser and shirt combination with a pink cardigan and a pair of oversized sunglasses for the shopping trip.

Kim wore a pair of skinny jeans a black leather jacket a red Alexander McQueen scarf and carried a yellow Hermes birkin bag on her arm.

She teetered along in a pair of studded Louboutin boots.

What do you think? Kim and MJ were seen at a William Sonoma store looking at household products

As Kim shopped, her sister Khloe attended a promotional party with movie actress Rosario Dawson.

The reality star and the film star both smiled as they attended the Nivea Good Bye Cellulite Hello Bikini Challenge event today in Los Angeles.

Later, Khloe applauded as a model gave her a cake that said 'Happy Birthday Khloe.'

Busy busy: Kim, who is engaged to Kris Humphries had been adding a number of items to her wedding gift list

Party time: Khloe Kardashian attended a promotional party today in Los Angeles for Nivea skin care products

Fun with her friends: Khloe was joined at the party by actress Rosario Dawson

She will turn 27 later this month on June 27th.

On last night's episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians aired in the U.S.

Kendall - who has been doing print modelling work in Los Angeles - books a job in New York.

Since she is just a teenager, the family decides that the budding 5'10" model needs a chaperone, but mother Kris Jenner is too busy with prior commitments to travel to the East Coast.

Focused on her career: Kim Kardashian urged little sister Kendall Jenner to focus more on work and less on having fun during tonight's episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians

That's where Kim, 30, comes in as she volunteers to accompany her younger sister to America's fashion capital.

As they drive through New York, Kendall marvels at the city's famous landmarks and says she wants to go sightseeing.

But Kim immediately yells at her to 'focus on work' and tells her sister she can visit the Statue of Liberty another time.

Bright future: With her striking god looks, teenage model Kendall Jenner has been told she has the potential to be very successful in the modelling world

Kim to the rescue: Kim tells her mother Kris Jenner, she will accompany Kendall to New York since Kris is too busy to make the trip

Later when they arrive at Kendall's photo shoot, the photographer compliments the teenager on her beauty and modelling abilities.

Kim is also impressed as she watches her sister work and says: 'She looks like a grown up.'

When the shoot ends, one of the people associated with the campaign informs Kendall that the client also has a runway show coming up and she would like to book the teenager for that job as well.

Forget about it: As they drive through New York, Kendall looks out the window and pleads to visit some of the city's landmarks, but Kim insists that she focus on work instead of play

But Kendall, who has never been on the catwalk says she doesn't think she will be available to do it because she has cheer leading practice back home the day of the show.

Then she admits to being scared saying: 'Runway modelling scares me.'
Despite Kendall's concerns, Kim immediately tells the talent scout that Kendall will take part in the runway show.

Heated: Kim warns Kendall that she needs to be more serious about working on her modelling career

Not happy: Kendall quickly grew tired of Kim and her pushy all work attitude

Kim even hires a professional modelling coach to teach her little sister how to properly walk.

The next day when the coach arrives, the woman tells Kendall to demonstrate her walk.

But the teenager quickly grows weary of working and begins to yawn and she pretends to fall down.

Back off: Kim's stepfather Bruce Jenner told her that she pushed Kendall too hard and was 'acting like a stage mom'

'I'm getting bored and I just wanna be done,' Kendall says, with a look of disgust.

But Kim, who insists that her sister take the opportunity seriously yells: 'You are embarrassing me.'

The modelling coach quickly realizes that they are all wasting their time and she tells Kim: 'When she wants to take this seriously, call me.'

All is forgiven: Kim realizes she has gone too far and apologizes to her little sister for being so pushy

By the end of the scene, Kendall loses her temper and says that Kim is only forcing her to try runway modelling to live out her own fantasies.

She reveals that her older sister once dreamed of a modelling career, but was too short to make it in the industry. The teenager then yells: 'I've told you 500 times, I don't wanna do this.'

The two then return to California where Kim is confronted by her stepfather, Bruce Jenner who reveals that Kendall called him earlier in tears.

'You gotta back off,' Bruce tells Kim adding, 'You're like a stage mom.'

Kim is taken by surprise and responds: 'It's my job as a big sister to introduce her to new things.'

A few minutes later she realizes she may have come on too strong and apologizes to her little sister:
'I love you and I'm really proud of you,' she tells Kendall.



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